Dancing With the Stars Review: "Week Nine Performances"

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Dancing With the Stars is down to four pairs this season, and last night, each danced two full routines. First, a Latin number with a solo. Next, a ballroom dance they had never performed before.

When the dust settled, three things were abundantly clear:

  1. Jennifer Grey deserves the title, hands down.
  2. Bristol Palin deserves to be eliminated, ASAP.
  3. The previous item likely won't matter.
Jennifer Grey and Derek Hough Photo

30-FOR-30, TIMES TWO: Jennifer Grey was doubly perfect last night!

It was an action-packed 90-minute program, with the coveted Mirror Ball trophy so close that Jennifer, Bristol, Brandy and Kyle Massey can almost taste it. They can sniff the thing.

To their credit, all four contenders really brought their A-game last night. Even Bristol Palin, whose A-game resembles everyone else's B-game, was far from embarrassing out there.

Still, Jennifer was literally flawless, with a score of 60 out of 60 to end the night. Where did everyone else stand after the dust settled, and how will the votes be cast this week?

With just one more results show before the season finale, the tension is rising, and someone's heart will be broken tonight. Will it come down to their skills or pure popularity?

Follow the jump for last night's Dancing With the Stars scores ...

The Dancing With the Stars leaderboard:

  • Jennifer Grey and Derek Hough: 60 (30, 30).
  • Kyle Massey and Lacey Schwimmer: 58 (29, 29).
  • Brandy and Maksim Chmerkovskiy: 57 (30, 27).
  • Bristol Palin and Mark Ballas: 53 (27, 26).

Who's going home and who's on their way to the finals? Can Bristol pull off her biggest upset to date, upending one of these three deserving finalists? What do you think?


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Bristol is a good lady. I do not understand why eloppe give her so much grief. I mean I know why they do because of her mother but she is her own woman and should be judged on what she does. She will make something out of her life. You can see the strong woman she is and she will only get stronger the older she becomes. People should just back off and let her be Bristol and watch her life. Leave her mother out of the equation and judge Bristol on her own. I think some eloppe are also jealous of her because she is pretty and smart. We all know how some women get when they see another woman that outshines them.


Jennifer Gray and Derek Hough deserve to win. Jennifer is a true professional - she was at a disadvantage because of all her medical issues, but she persevered and gave outstanding performances each time.


did feel bad that Brandy got eliminated, she deserved to be in the finals more than Bristol Palin. I honestly think that Max really hurt their chances when he overreacted to Carrie Ann's comments last week - she was correct in her assumption that they did wait too long to begin the instant dance. His rants and behavior after the show left alot of viewers disgusted with him, and unfortunately it did reflect in the final vote. I did notice that Brandy was sure she was going to win, and it would have been nice if she accepted the loss and thanked the viewers that voted for her.


I tried not to be surprise, however, I knew people will continue to push Bristol. the girl can not dance, and was stiff the entire season. Too bad, people in this country will vote for anyone even if they are not qualified. Brandy was much a better dancer than Bristol. If Bristol win this by default, they might as well just have a popularity contest; it is definite not about dancing....


Dancing with the stars is more political crap than anything else.How can Sarah Palin's ugly daughter stays that long? It is all bacause her mother but not her dancing skill. Anything adds politics into it makes people sick.


BABY ALL THE WAY! Bristol needs to go!

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