Dexter Review: "Circle Us"

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Somewhere in heaven, or ghost world, or wherever Harry resides when he isn't looking over Dexter's shoulder, this man is shaking his head in disappointment and anger.

After all, Harry's son broke just about every rule in the Code on "Circle Us," risking exposure by getting closer to Lumen than anyone else he's ever met.

That may sound crazy, but it's now true: she's met Harrison, she knows about the Dark Passenger and she understands Dexter in a way Rita never did and Deb never can. Of all the ways I imagined Dexter dealing with his wife's death, I never would have pictured him opening up to someone new in such a way.

Jordan Chase in the Precinct

I still wish the show would pick up its pace more this season, something I was hopeful would take place after last week's exciting episode.

But at least Dexter's ever-increasing bond with Lumen feels different than any relationship we've seen before, and it opens up a world of possibilities:

Will he be forced to kill her at some point? Will this ever turn romantic? Will the two just remain partners in crime until all Lumen's captors are taken out? Now that Harrison has actually been introduced to Lumen, and is getting to the age where he talks and can form memories, Dexter might not realize just how deep he's in with this woman.

Unlike past acquaintances that have ended up on his table (sorry, Miguel Prado), Dexter won't be able to easily rid himself of Lumen if it comes to that.

Another possibility to ponder: is there any chance Lumen is simply so unstable that she's making everything up? I sense some kind of twist coming with her, one that will place Dexter in a tricky situation.

Of course, we do know some kind of conspiracy is afoot, as Cole and Jordan Chase aren't what they seem. The car accident that introduced us to these characters and opened up this storyline felt like a forced plot contrivance, but I'll go with it. I am a big fan of both Chris Vance (Cole) and Jonny Lee Miller (Chase).

As usual, I can't bring myself to say much about the Fuentes case or anything between Maria and Angel. The side characters have grown less and less interesting over the years, as they feel like nothing but filler to make sure Michael C. Hall doesn't need to be in every scene.

What did everyone else think of the episode?


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HA! I knew I recognized Sonia from somewhere, "The Commitments" is a great movie. I agree, the LaGuerta storyline feels like it's just a shoe0in and doesn't really fit. Especially after this episode where she screws over Debra (a character I have very little love for) and takes no blame for the club shooting which is most obviously her fault. I cannot believe the spy got pictures of Dexter and Lumen, I knew something like that had to happen soon though, how would they be able to drop dead bodies in the water without being followed SOMETIME during the show. Scenes for next week look incredible, I can't wait!


"Im just the blood guy"


Lets be honest Dexter has gone slower and less violent than all of the previos seasons. still the story line is very interesting and I had predicted in the beggning that there must be some really big personality involved because till now they never showed the flashbacks of abduction and rape... the villions are amazing and next episode is lookin terrific ... have you seen the promos? watch it now my heart started pounding really fast! Can't wait.
P.S Julia Stiles is doing great as Luman (To the haters)


I sometimes get tired with the modern version of Dexter's voice overs. That tedium was heavy here. We don't need a voice over when he's taking down his baby's little saint totem, he could just say it. I, too, agree that the secondary characters seem to be just pawns. His sister finding someone to screw every year who dies is old. Angel and LaGuerta are just tedious. Masuka...Okay. I loves me some Masuka action. The character has to stretch. If it's not a journey it's just Smallville. SO he needs to finally include someone in the know. It's great that he finds someone who won't rat him out at the drop of the hat. I just don't get the babysitter. I had such the hots for her when she as in "The Commitmets" She's come a long way just to play the babysitter on the show. She has to have some kind of story arc coming up.

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