Dexter Spoilers, Clips: What's Ahead?

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"The last [few] episodes are a freight train when all of those pieces start interlocking."

So says executive producer Sara Colleton of the conclusion to this season of Dexter, as the most recent episode of this Showtime hit made it clear that the walls are closing in around both Dexter and Lumen.

How will it all end? We can't say for certain. But we can post a couple of clips from this Sunday's "In the Beginning," as well as a few teases from Colleton, courtesy of an interview with TV Guide. First, a sneak peek at Batista and Deb questioning Jordan Chase:

Quinn vs. Dexter... and Deb? After seeing Liddy's photos of Dexter, Lumen and a few garbage bags, Quinn will make a decision that sends him down "a big collision course" between his feelings for Deb and his suspicions of Dexter.

What's in a title? The season's penultimate installment is titled "Hop a Freighter" and will ask the question: "Wouldn't it be nice if you could escape from your life?"

The finale has been been retitled "The Big One." Why? Says Colleton: "When you see the episode, you'll realize what a great title it is."

Is there any chance Dexter asks Lumen to marry him?!? Just throwing that out there.

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I think Lumen will be killed in the finale.


I don't care for the renamin of the season 5 finale ....I thought 'Through A Glass Darkly was freaking awesome .....but they can do whatever they want I suppose .....I will watch it reardless of the episodes title ....they could call it ....look and see a turd i dropped and I'd still watch it .....


Dexter asking Lumen to marry him would DEFINITELY be a shock!


If by interly you mean entirely, then your comment is also entirely accurate


If by Batista and Deb you mean Quinn and Deb this post is interly accurate.

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