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As detailed in our review of "Never Been Kissed," we weren't huge fans of Coach Beiste's storyline on this week's Glee episode.

While the show wanted viewers to think Will was being noble by laying a smooch on his fellow faculty member, wasn't he just being manipulative and presumptuous?

After all, if you're Beiste and you hear how this man thinks you're beautiful "inside and out" and then he kisses you... wouldn't you think there was something romantic going on? And/or, wouldn't you not want your first kiss to be pity-inspired?

As Coach Beiste

Of course, that complaint has nothing to do with the performance of Dot Jones. This actress has been a welcome addition to Glee, and she discussed the unique character she portrays in a recent interview with EW:

What was your reaction to the episode?
It’s such a heartbreaking episode and yet so rewarding. And how cute are those boys singing that
Katy Perry song? I have it on my Facebook page. We watched the episode on the set. I was like, “Oh my God, this is amazing.” Matt [Morrison] and I saw each other afterwards and he goes, 'Come here. Give me a kiss.'"

Do jokes about Beiste's appearance bother her?
I think that’s hilarious. It serves a purpose for the message. I wasn’t offended at all. I thought it was hysterical. Maybe it will make people think outside of the show.

Did Ryan Murphy tell her anything about Coache Beiste before she signed on?
I signed a blank contract. I didn’t know anything about the character. I didn’t care.

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I read the summary before seeing the show, and it made me mad. I really like Dot Jones and what she's done with Coach Beiste, and it sounded like an awful way to treat the character and the actress. When I watched it, though, it worked. She was incredibly vulnerable, yet somehow kept her dignity throughout, and Morrison handled the iffy dialogue with gentleness and sensitivity. It also helped that she had the time, space and the physical strength to pull back or push Will away (which I thought she'd do--goodness knows she *could*, the woman's a professional athlete and incredibly strong). It should not have worked, but somehow it did, at least for me. Huge props to both actors for pulling that off.


I wouldn't want mine to be a pity kiss, but I think that she was so fed up of never been kissed that it didn't matter why she was being kissed. I thought it was so nice of Will to do that, and what he said to her after (she asked do you think I'm pretty and he said you're beautiful inside and out) had me in tears:L


Why was it a pity kiss, I think I saw it as it was intended, just letting someone who was down know that they are someone worth kissing no matter what others may say.

Matt richenthal

@Rena: But she didn't wanna cross it off any list. She wanted to actually feel loved. The entire episode was about first kisses and the theme was how important they are, not how they are some item one just wants to cross off some bucket list.


i agree with you nichole. I think Beiste could have pulled away if she didn't want the kiss. And to me Will was just doing it so she could finally have the experience, have that first. But in the end, i don't think she minded, even when its clear it was a kiss from a friend.


Bleh will as this noble guy is really starting to annoy me to be honest.


I understand how it can be seen as a pity kiss. On the other hand, they are friends. I can also see how it can be seen as a friend supporting a friend with a platonic kiss. Nothing sexual, just, "Now you can cross that off the list."


I agree about the pity kiss!! That is not how I would want my 1st to be. But he did it slow enough that she could have stopped him.

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