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Glee Casting for Jocks, Circus Performers

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We already know that the Glee Super Bowl episode will feature a Michael Jackson mash-up, along with a focus on the local football championship.

Therefore, the following casting news makes perfect sense. According to E! News, the series is seeking actors for roles on this February 7 installment that include:

  • Strando, a handsome football player, who might become a recurring character.
  • Scott Cooper, another jock who will make like Karofsky and act as a bully.
  • BMX bike tricksters
  • Fire-breathers
  • Jugglers

Certainly sounds like Glee is planning a McKinley High School halftime show, doesn't it?

Concerned Will

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I've never felt like Glee after something like football seems... natural. I just can't imagine what it would be like for a manly man to be there, watching the biggest football game of the year, and then when it's over for a bunch of choir nerds to pop on the TV screen. But I'm sure this will be a good episode.


I cannot wait for this episode!!!!!


no ! no! no! i hate circus, i want them to be classy, do latest hits or broadway classics, not juggle . ;

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