Gossip Girl Instant Reaction: Discuss "Gaslit" Now!

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Gossip Girl is back, and Jenny Humphrey with it. Now that "Gaslit," has come and gone (as has J) it's time to share your impressions with your fellow Upper East Siders.

What did you think of this week's Gossip Girl? How do you see things shaping up next week? Discuss in our Gossip Girl forum and/or by leaving us comments below!

TVF's review, favorite quotes, music list, upcoming Gossip Girl spoilers and Round Table discussion will be posted Tuesday. Right now, we want to hear from you ...

Dorota and Baby!

What did you think of "Gaslit"?

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Ah i was so hoping for Serenate to get back together :( i just find that Serena and Dan are really boring together whereas Nate and Serena actually have history and a lot of chemistry. Plus it just doesn't seem to work with Serena and Dan, i agree with some others it is lacking chemistry, maybe its because Blake and Penn are not together anymore. Deeply sorry if you disagree with me


I'm incredibly late, and nobody will care what I post anyways so I'm gonna write my own little review on Gaslit anyway. When I watched the episode, I was like... hmmm this was a really, really, really well written episode. The only confusion in my eyes was the Chuck and Blair thing. Chuck looked like he was in real pain in that limo. But poor B, rejected again. (Not something I like, since I am a CHAIR fan.) This C&B hiatus might be a good thing, though. Bring in Chuck Bass's new beau?! Oo lala, are we in for some major twists. We'll just have to see what Blair has to say about it... because for some reason unbeknown to us weekly viewers... Blair is the only one always single and without a guy! Lets see some jealousy stir up here, please! And to add to the drama... let Chuck really fight for Blair. I mean pull out all the stops. Stop at nothing until he wins her back. Enough about my Chair fantasy... The plot of Serena... *sigh* Juliet just needs to GTFO. I mean, really? But it does put an exciting twist into things and Im eager to find out where the Dan and Blair relationship will go. I'm not entirely sure that DAIR will happen though because it will be so against Blair Waldorf's morals to even think about dating someone like Dan... Come on, she's hated him for what? 3-4 years? What's changed since then?
It would be entirely out of character for her to hook up with him, unless... well she's really THAT desperate. Hopefully that never happens. Gossip Girl is getting better and better. Hope more CHAIR interactions come about and more drama in general as well! Till the next installment!


everybody they aren't hooking up right now!! All they are doing is scheming to help Serena clear her name and take down Juliet!! And I for one am confused on where Derena go from here are they together or not!! that left me baffled after they kiss Serena leaves and nothing is said!!

Kimberly anne

I knew I was not oging to like this episode purely because I thought there will be a lacking of Chair scenes and storylines. Indeed I was right.
This was not one of my favorite. Yes it had a lot of drama so Gossip Girl did its job. However, there was of lot of stuff happening I did not care for.
I have to applaud Juliet because the original plan was over yet she still managed to talk herself out of it and continue on to ruin Serena. So all of a sudden Ben has morals? Seriously what is his deal. The writers has got to clear his character up. And why is his hair to perfectly combed while he's in jail?
Nate and his family was pointless. I like the fact that he was being a good son and I do feel bad that in the end he was lied to.
Dan and Serena!!! Ugh!!!!! These two bothered me so much in season 1 and 2 and now they are back. Noooooooo!!!! Lily was right Dan had no right to bug into their relationship no matter how good his intentions were. I hate his character so much because he acts all good and have good morals yet he is so judgmental.
I wish Harold and Roman were in New York. Despite the drama, I wanted some good humor and actually good family time. I wishes Eleanor and Cyrus were in it too. I hate how this entire episode was base off of the Van der Woodsen and Blair was just hanging around. A Waldorf's Thanksgiving is so much better.
Chuck! What is wrong with you? I have nothing left to say because he is pissing me off. He is always pushing Blair away. And thanks to him, Blair is now working with Dan
Okay I really hope nothing eill transpire between Blair and Dan. But since this is Gossip Girl, it won't surprise me if they do hook up. I know it will in no way compare to what Chair have, but I still don't want ti to happen. Dan is just...so gross.


There's nothing wrong with Dan being with Serena. The whole step-sibling thing is overblown. Suppose that Dan and Serena were older and married, and THEN Rufus and Lily got married afterwards? They don't share blood, so there is no incest there, as far as I'm concerned. Whether that's the way the storyline goes, is another matter. I haven't read the supposed spoilers about Blair and Dan hooking up, but that will be interesting, if it happens. I think it's already been established here and on other forums--WEEKS ago--that Ben is somehow involved with Serena and boarding school, so why are people just coming to that conclusion now like they've discovered a new country? Chuck says what he does to Blair in the limo because HE KNOWS she has to find her own way before they can be together. He also knows that, with the right word from him, she'd give it all up and be back at his side--and that would be the worst thing for their relationships, at this time... Kudos to Chuck for using the RIGHT head this time...


Wow, I just looked. I guess that's it for me then. I guess I know now why the rating was down so much last night. All that fore-shadowing. Well, good for the Dair fans, I'm sure the Cherena fans should be getting excited cause with this show they should be getting their couple pretty soon.


They are doing dair and they are sleeping together. It's been confirmed by an accurate source. Check out the spoiler forum. I'm done with GG too personally. I don't like OOC behavior and contrived storylines.


If they decide to go with Dair, I'm done. I'm not kidding, I'm finished with this show and I know lots of others who will be leaving with me.

Lola gg

This was truly a great episode! I dont know why it was rated so negatively compared to others which i personally thought were worse! But just my opinion!


I DON'T WANT JENNY TO LEAVE!!!!!! She is my absolute favourite, and this season has been the WORST for me, because she wasn't in it regularly.
YES VANESSA IS LEAVING (hopefully for a long time), never liked her, never will.
Blair/Dan - finally, all I know is that Jenny didn't inherit all the family bitchiness and scheming! Have a nice day.


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