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Well? As the fourth season of Gossip Girl continues to unfold, how did "Juliet Doesn't Live Here Anymore" stack up in your mind? OMG worthy? Were you disappointed at all?

TVF's complete review, top quotes, music list, upcoming Gossip Girl spoilers and Round Table discussion of events will be posted Tuesday. Now, we want to hear from you.

What did you think of this week's Gossip Girl? Did you like it? What are your thoughts on this season overall? Discuss in our Gossip Girl forum and/or with comments below!

The Plot is Thickening

What did you think of "Juliet Doesn't Live Here Anymore"?

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Wait. People actually liked this episode? It was so, so bad.
Can't anyone on this show stay likeable? Serena is a stupid bimbo who does everything wrong and never pays for it. Chuck and Blair was just annoying. And every rich kid stood up for each other. I really hope the underdogs win this time. What message does the show give if the others do. That rich, stupid kids always win?


i am team outsider as well. i hate that UES kids can do shittiest things and get away with it all the time.
they use money to manipulate things to get their way. gossip girl never had good plot anyway.
i only watch it for clothes and fashion


i think is about time that Serena is taken down a peg. every season she does some thing stupid, and not take the consequence for her actions. the writers need to show that, that just because you have money, you cant get away with it. so im with team outsiders. im not a fan of Vanessa and jenny but i understand why they want to take them down. Juliet is an interesting character, i hope she stays a little longer in the show.


why do none of the characters on this show have any self respect? no offense to chair fans, but chuck basically sold blair to his uncle, breaks her heart, then self righteously declares war on her after she does exactly what he did, and still she's going to take him back? (and still everyone thinks they should be together?) dan and nate have both been walked over by serena multiple times. serena chose just about everyone over nate at some point and only went to him when the men she chose screwed her over somehow. serena has done the same to dan -- going to him multiple times only to say "i'm sorry" and ditch him when things works out for her, and still, both of them are still willing to be at her beck and call? Because she clearly hasn't had enough chances with both of them already...seriously, great lessons on self worth. serena needs to stop acting like shes entitled to never bearing consequences for anything she does. i dislike everyone in the underdog team and especially hate jenny, but this time, they're right.


serena,blair,nate, and chuck are doing their own thing. those wannabe trashy has-beens should leave them alone, no one is asking THEM to be in the spotlight. and what is they point of the "brooklyn crew" taking serena down? like shell eventually just get back up where she started and its just going to make everyone hate juliet, vanessa, and jenny even more. vanessa really needs to fuck off shes just fucking there. plus when they do try to take down serena they are going to get even worse payback


seriously the best episode EVER. better than even last week man,
i cant believe i'm saying this but i actually started liking Vanessa a little...bitch is growing up! guess i have to delete that Kill Vanessa facebook group i created.
now i've got new people to hate tho. JENNY. UGHHHHHH!
i dont pity that Juliet at all. WHY DIDNT SHE LEAVE MAN?! altho i wanna know whaaat the hell happened to Ben, hows it related to Serena?! that even Colin doesnt know about it,
i wont miss Colin either...if he's not coming back.
i love it when 4 of them...chuck, blair, serena, nate come together for a awesome take-down. i LOVE ITT.
the whole thing with Serena...poor girl...guys lining up for her all the time. and in that awesome DRESS? there's no doubt. i cant decide between Nate and Dan now! i always wanted Serenate but Derena are just....like a classic couple...i've suddenly started liking Dan too...maybe cause he's gotten hottter this season (is it just me?) or maybe its got to do with my sadness over Penn and Blake breaking up
Chuck and Blairrr....no comment ;)


I hate hate hateee Vanessaaaa!!!! Please kill her off the showwww urghhhhh what a bitch she is! Even with all the things Juliet has done, I still hate Vanessa more! Cant the writers make her character dead or somethign?
CHAIR is epicccc as alwayssss!!! I love the first scene where Chuck was hiding under B's bedcover and S came into the room w/out any clue, and the last scene is so sweetttt :)
and NJCB rockssss!!!!! I love when they are working together! No one can win against them!


This episode was really great. I enjoyed everything even the blair and chuck stupid romance scene in the end. boring. to dramatic. 1. Serena needs to get her act together. She PRETENDS like she has done nothing wrong. Didn't her mom even say she needed botox for the wrinkles. Also Nate & Blair have called her out on her sex past. SERENA VAN DER HO should be her name. LOL 2. Vanessa has every reason to fight for what she wants. She made the right statement to Julia. Everyone is the enemy not serena. she gets away with everything. She left a man in a hotel room to die and does not get legal action taken against her. (ALSO SHE IS THE HOTTEST GIRL ON THE SHOW HUNGARIAN/AFRICAN-AMERICAN. SO SEXY) 3. Nate is punk for not telling everyone Vanessa was innocent. Sure vanessa wanted to take down serena but come on think about it. why would vanessa create such a lie about serena and her professor? they should of know she would not scheme like that. 4.Blair did you forget that Dan and Jenny humiliated you 2 weeks in a row. Jenny slept with your boyfriend & told the entire NYC scene and Dan made you look like a fool on your birthday in front of everyone, which in turn all of NYC scene found out. So your count is not a million sweetheart. 5.Chuck i prefer him being evil it's more enjoyable to watch him plot and scheme then be a wet blanket. remember chuck bass the womanizer. bring him back. 6. Juliet- I figured why she is trying to take down serena. Her brother ben was a teacher at the boarding school where she ran too after sleeping with her best friends boyfriend (nate) and leaving someone dead after doing cocaine. That is why her brother is jail has to do with that. So why wouldn't she be out for blood. 7. Jenny is going to really have some strong payback for serena and blair. jenny tried to be nice but blair was a bitch and made it impossible for her to still be innocent and nice. Plus didn't blair tell jenny you have to be cold to be queen. so when Jenny is crown queen and becomes cold blair has a problem with it. The problem is Jenny is better Queen than Blair. BY FAR warriors who fight for there country have more strength and character than divine ones who are handed the crown. 8. I am on the side of Jenny, Vanessa, and Juliet.
Take down Blair,Chuck,Nate and Serena.
Can't wait..........


I really have no reason not to like Juliet. She only administers her brother's schemes. It seems she has a good heart.
Serena doesn't belong with Dan, nor with Nate. She belongs with someone self-accomplished, such as Colin. This guy is seriously dreamy, accomplished, ambitious, all grown up. Both Dan and Nate are insecure, they haven't accomplished anything yet, they are boys, they aren't MEN!


Vanessa was neither born nor raised on the Upper East Side, which means she does not belong there! I loved it when the Dean asked her who she was. (LOL) Vanessa should start dealing with what she knows best: charities! She was so lovable when she petitioned for that Brooklin building, and then she went to Haiti... She always attacks Upper East Siders, which is so hypocritical, since all she has been doing lately make her seem like a scheming, manipulative psycho bitch.


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