Gossip Girl Instant Reaction: Sound Off Now!

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Was the "War at the Roses" all you thought it would be?

TVF's complete review, top quotes, music list, upcoming Gossip Girl spoilers and Round Table discussion of events will be posted Tuesday. Now, we want to hear from you.

What did you think of Monday's Gossip Girl? Did you like it? What are your thoughts on the season so far? Discuss in our Gossip Girl forum and/or by commenting below!

Bassian Machinations

What did you think of "War at the Roses"?

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obviously chair=amazing
their treaty was actually hilarious
i said to my friend while watching it "imagine this happening in real life"
but her declaration that she'd been looking for him was very cute
and the end scene.........
i disagree it's merely lust it's just this passion which encapsulates love and longing ect
and i normally dig serena and dan together but this ep i actually liked her and nate
i finally felt an ounce of chemistry!
dan was so stupid
it was a GOOD episode not GREAT but the chair was just fantastic


sex=love? i don't think so. this episode makes me all the more convinced that chuck and blair's relationship hangs barely by a few threads, one of them being lust.

I am xoxo

i never ever hate dan....but since this episode, take revenge on behalf of jenny is so stupid, since he know the worst side or jenny menny moooo


we need the ending more 2 minutes again..the hate sex scene to short...cause we miss chair scene so long..


i can see where dan's coming from.
i mean, it sucks that J is complying with this blair's exile crap. i agree with dan. i do hope that C and B does get taste of their own medicine

Kimberly anne

The episode annoyed me in so many way, but the last scene just made it all better.
First off, why would Frufrus want Jenny back for his anniversary with Lily. Its there one years, so they might would want to spend it together alone. Dan actually wants everyone together on this occcasion? Umm, ewww.
Dan was a freaking asshole in the episode. He bitched more than Blair and that is just so pathetic of him to as a guy. For some reason his logic did not make sense. How was messing Blair's party, going to bring Jenny back the same night? He's dumb. And I can believed he actually attemped in messing with Chair. He needs to take a page from Jenny's book, preferably the last one when she said Chuck and Blair together are invincible. He really has no life now. Vanessa was even better than him in this episode. He better not mess with them again, better yet, he should leave the show.
Seriously, what is the point of Nate anymore. He's just there, like Ben, who has yet to do anything but call and text from prison. The scene of him and Dan at the hotel was very stupid. Does he just leave the house before is friends does?? Who does that? And why would he be the one to have the treaty? it would have been in better hands if it was with Dorota or Arthur.
Serena and Collin were very booring to me because nothing happened besides a kiss. Wait, so Ben and Juliet are siblings and Collin is their cousin. Hahaha, I keep thinking the aren't relatied nd that Juliet was hooking up with both of them for some reason.
Chuck and Blair were amazing. I would have liked more scenes of them. I though the writers could have given them more tension scenes like Serena and Collin did to built up to the ending. I love Blair's pictures are the party. The scene in th end was awesome!!! I love the song played. It was worth all the drama that came before this episode since season 4 started. I missed the part of what Penelope said about the cd. What is the cd exactly about?? And I love the fact that Blair admitted to looking for Chuck in the summer. They are just the best couple ever.
I can't wait for the nest episode. The promo looks so good.


I say 'OMG It was so awesome' every week XD I freakin loved the Chair storyline, not just the awesome piano sex at the end...... Oops lost my train of thought, but yeah, the treaty was hilarious and Blairs admission that she was trying to find Chuck all summer was one of my favourite moments. The whole thing with Dan though was pretty stupid but it's too easy to overlook it when we had Chair action :D I'm also loving the Juliet storyline, I've no idea where it's headed but I think the writer's have done a great job so far with gradually letting it unfold. Gothic Barbie... mwah ha ha- brilliant!


Chair sex is amazinggggggggg but wayyyyyyyy wayyyy to short!!!!!
they should dedicate like the whole 5 minutes to Chair sex really
they looked like they have been holding it for so long and were ready to explode
oh and I love B's reference to J as "gothic Barbie" LOL


Fuck off, Dan Humphrey!!!!!!!


im so happy seeing nate withe serena, u can see the chemistry! awww. love it!


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[to Jenny] That's the thing. You need to be cool to be queen. Anne Boleyn thought only with her heart and she got her head chopped off. So her daughter Elizabeth made a vow never to marry a man. She married a country. Forget boys. Keep your eye on the prize, Jenny Humphrey. You can't make people love you, but you can make them fear you. For what it's worth, you're my Queen. I choose you.