Gossip Girl Photos: "Juliet Doesn't Live Here Anymore"

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Next week on Gossip Girl, Chuck and Blair decide it's in their best interests to end their games. Whether that means the beginning of a new "relationship" is open to interpretation.

It'll be very interesting (and hot) to watch! Also, Nate confronts Juliet after discovering a secret she's been keeping, while he and Dan both ponder feelings for Serena (shocking).

Click to enlarge pics from "Juliet Doesn't Live Here Anymore" below ...

Serena and Fancy Peeps
Dan H. Pic
A Nate and Juliet Pic
The Plot is Thickening
Serena The Mark
V is Back
Gorgeous Gals
Moving in on S
Shady Colin
The Lovely Queen
Flip You For It?
Get That Beauty Rest
Best Sleepover Ever

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Great! BUT I still don't get my answer after going through all that crap! Why did serena and colin break-up when things were going well? Honestly , I'm bored of dan/serena/nate thing now. Colin with serena together were
kinda delightful to watch.


Anyone know the song playing by the male vocalist towards the end of the show when chuck for the pie from blair? It was beautiful. Can't find it anywhere.


so why exactly did serena and colin have to break up ?!?!


I can't believe they just made Serena and Colin break up at the end after all that shit. This is getting ridiculous, no one wants to see Serena with either Nate OR Dan... I was really hoping the writers were on to something with Colin, but as usual they've taken their own good idea and destroyed it in favour of redundant Nate/Serena/Dan crap.


Of course Nate would go running back to thinking he had feelings for Serena after him and Juliet broke up. I believe more in Dan's feelings than Nate's. He's just horny... The writers need to end this triangle now. And remember just a couple of weeks ago Nate wouldn't even defend Serena after Juliet Tried to humiliate her. I can't wait to see them pull off Juliets mask and learn what she's done. This better not take all season...


Tv the best


yeah more chair sex about fucking time we've been waiting for a year and also I need new material on my Chair videos


I'm sure it is a play on the movie Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore.


@Xoxoxanielle I thought it might have been "love don't live here anyore" by madonna, i could be wrong though.


hmmmm usually the title is a pun on a movie or book, what is this one? More Chair sex?!
Yay :*

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