Best Sleepover Ever
Can Gossip Guy join?

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chuck's under there.
ed will look like the biggest creeper. i feel sorry for serena. she doesn't know about the digustingness which is going on.


The look on B's face is epic!


haha isnt chuck supposed to be hiding underneath Blair in that scene?? in the promo, he pops out, so i guess he comes out when Serena leaves... HAHA i can't wait for that scene!


Serena: god, b. i just don't know! i mean i really want to have sex with my professor, but you say i shouldn't have sex with my professor, and now i am just so confused!
Blair: for the love of god, serena! get the fuck out of my bed!


B is wearing the same black night gown as in the promo, when they are having 'fun' with C. I'm most certain that Chuck is hiding under that blanket. Doing who knows what ;)

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Gossip Girl Season 4 Episode 8 Quotes

Chuck: This comforter blocks out so much noise they could sell it to Bose.
Blair: This has got to end.
Chuck: I thought I just did.
Blair: That was the last time.

Serena: I know we agreed to wait, but it feels like life is just passing us by. It's not fair.
Blair: Life is tough Serena. Get a helmet.

Gossip Girl Season 4 Episode 8 Music

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Blue moon Blue Moon Kendal Johansson iTunes
Song As Far As I Can See The 88 iTunes
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