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Now that you've seen "The Witches of Bushwick," it's time to share your impressions.

What did you think of this week's Gossip Girl? Did you like it? Do you like the overall direction of this season? Discuss in our Gossip Girl forum and/or with comments below!

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What did you think of "The Witches of Bushwick"?

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Usually I have a whole lot more to write but I feel as if talking about this one scene is enough. As a CHAIR fan... I'm thinking that the way Blair answered Chuck's question " Are you going to say something this time? " is foreshadowing their future together... maybe not now, or anytime soon but in the end they'll always be together. I say this because she responded with..." I will... I mean I do." I DO. => at first I thought I was reading too much into this, analyzing everything like a literary analyst would, but... in this case I think the writers are doing this on purpose. Eventually Blair will say those words to Chuck. They belong together, and it's something I can't wait to happen. Aside from that, Chuck carrying Blair up the stairs bridal stile in 4.08 was telling as well. I am so excited for CHAIR!


Chuck and Blair sex scene was so hot. I love this season because we finally see the "passion" happening rather than that lame old *kiss* *kiss* fade to dark assume they had sex stuff. These two are meant to be together as both of them are as hot as anything, funny, strong, independent and very witty. Love Chuck's line about Brangelina and Blair's line about Hilary. *sigh* These two are the only reason I watch Gossip Girl.


Just a thought......apparently chair are supposed to heat up over new year. The reference to glowing and cravings could a baby chair be on the cards around then????


BEST EP SO FAR! Loved every bit of it! Can't wait for the next! The highlight of the night: How the writers have managed to masterfully always find a way to subtly imply the constant uselessness of Vanessa!! The Dean's "Who are you?" and now Juliet getting mad at her because she is being useless to their scheming??? GENIUS!! I don´t really dislike Vanessa, but it has just become so much fun to haze her...it's a GG classic! :D


Some said the least realistic thing in the whole episode was the fact that Nate and Dan didn't recognize Serena when Juliet kissed both. Well, I have to go further! Suddenly Juliet AND Jenny got the same Carolina Herrera dress that Serena was wearing! Hahahaha, it was more than funny! And after that amaaaaazing fashion event.. Serena is taller than Juliet and Jenny, nobody noticed that?
I don't know.. The story line behind Ben and Juliet seems to be pretty much bad for Serena, but the writers should have chosen other way for everything be revealed!! Not like "uh la la chuck's party just like in the first season"! C'mon! It's been three years since then.. something needs to change! And needs to be now, because we are getting closer the middle of the season and if nothing get better I don't know how much longer the show will last.. Sad.. sad..


I agree that it was a solid episode. So sad for CHAIR :( But the writers already know they're endgame ;)
However, I want Serena and Nate to end up together. I'm sorry but if they don't I will be extremely disappointed.


Solid episode. Possibly the best of season four so far. After the ridiculous Chuck and Blair war, I was starting to think the writers didn't understand the concept of a good take-down (stealing some stupid class? Bringing back jenny? Weak.) but Juliet's plot? Convoluted, but kind of awesome in its thoroughness. I loved it. And Chuck and Blair killed me. In the best possible way. Obviously they'll be back together eventually. I'm ok with this break... Especially if Chuck uses it to become the kind of person B wouldn't have to hide from the Ann archibald's of the world. My only complaint? They never dealt with Eva. That whole storyline is becoming more pointless by the week. It woudld have been nice to see Chuck apologize for hurting Blair/admit he was in denial with E. Maybe that's yet to come...


forgot to say
i LOVE blair man...she is THE AWESOMEST
to not just wanna be Chuck Bass' girlfriend, make a name of herself...AWESOME...she so inspires me.
and duuude i LOVE gossip girl masquerades....LOVE 'EM.
and i feel sorry for people who dislike/dont watch GG...they're SO missing out.


this one was truly OFF THE HOOK
and of course i mean that chair sex scene
and the whole serena thing...what jenny did, as much as i hate her, what she did with the sims...genius....and then juliet...i mean shiiiit....whats gonna happen, whats she gonna DO to her?!
ppl keep saying they cant wait for this show cause of chuck and blair but now i can TRULY say i cant WAIT to find out whats with this juliet and whats gonna happen to serena?!
also...Vanessa is stupid.


I think this is one of the best episode of GG!
definitely the best in season 4 so far
the reason is CHAIR!!!!
simply epicccccc
the way Chuck said I love u behind the stage and the last scene made me cry....I think its right for Blair to be independent first and I'm sure they'll be together again in the end but I just hope there will still be Chair interaction during their break cos they are the reason I watch the show


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