Gossip Girl Round Table: "Gaslit"

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Welcome back to the weekly TVF Gossip Girl Round Table, where our panel breaks down the previous night's episode (see our review from earlier this morning).

Below, Gossip Girl aficionado Mister Meester joins critic-in-chief DANdy and TV Fanatic show-runner Gossip Guy to further discuss everything about "Gaslit" ...


1. What was your favorite Gossip Girl quote from last night?

Gossip Guy: Definitely Blair's "going Courtney Love on your ass" to Jenny.

Mister Meester: One word: "Blair," gasped Chuck as he froze, spying Jenny gliding past them on the landing above like some raccoon CIA agent zombie.

DANdy: I'll abandon the funny for a week and focus on Blair's passion for revenge: "What do you say we find the bitch and get us some frontier justice?"

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2. Was the Derena kiss the first of many more to come?

Gossip Guy: Hopefully if there are more, they have a little more oomph than that! That was like watching a brother and sister kiss. Oh wait.

Mister Meester: I know Derena feels boring to some people, I can't help but recall the "Roman Holiday" scene from Season One. Such passion. On a side note, check out the first line of my recap of that episode. Things haven't progressed well for Vanessa.

DANdy: Look, if this Round Table and this show is gonna keep teasing us with instances of Derena, can we at least change their nickname?!? Show some love for Saniel, people!

3. Will Nate turn on his dad?

Gossip Guy: That's implying Nate is smart enough to pick up the extremely, painfully simple explanation the guard gave for the audience. Did you see that look on Man Bangs' face after hearing what the guard said? That's not bad acting. That's nothing going on up there.

Mister MeesterYes. He can only be lied to so many times, and his loyalty is to Anne.

DANdy: No. That would require an emotion on Chace Crawford's part beyond stoicism.

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BLAIR WALDORF MUST (GIVE CHUCK) PIE: Just not pumpkin, okay?

4. Do you like Chair as friends?

Gossip Guy: Not without some benefits. Pie being delivered is not nearly as fun as [insert hilarious pie sexual innuendo]. Now Dair as friends? Can't wait for next week.

Mister Meester: I actually liked Chuck and Blair trying to be friends, adding a different level to their complex relationship. Sometimes the show is better when things are slower and more nuanced, rather than going for fireworks with every scene.

DANdy: No. The only kind of pie Blair should be giving Chuck is of the poontang, not pumpkin, variety.

5. How will Juliet be vanquished?

Gossip Guy: Maybe they'll go the way of Charlie Sheen and file a nice extortion case against her. Kidding. This is Gossip Girl. They'll just humiliate her.

Mister Meester: The stakes are definitely higher than your run-of-the-mill Gossip Girl revenge plot. She's already trying to skip town, so they can't just banish her, and the girl drugged Serena. Dair will have a hard time topping that unless they roll her up in a carpet and throw her in the Hudson River. Or get her to confess on tape and call the cops.

DANdy: I don't really care, as long as the end result is her needing to eventually strip for money in a spin-off series The CW titles Looking Sharp.

BONUS: Rate last night on the Vanessa uselessness scale (1-10, 10 being the most useless).

Gossip Guy: Ready to have your minds blown? 0. She left on the last train. That's gotta be good for at least a week off. 

Mister Meester: 10. Her attempt at lying was an epic fail, and showing up to Thanksgiving after everyone left was symbolic of so much more than missed turkey.

DANdy: N/A. I was clipping my toenails every time she came on screen. Can't really comment on how useless she was.

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after the little speech in the limo about them both being alone to figure out where they go from there which i thought was very difficult but mature of chuck, i will be really dissapointed with his storyline if he suddenly falls in love with raina.
i want him to be completely alone for a while, not even want to have hook-ups (yeh, i know, practically impossible but well, i can hope!) i think he needs to be alone more than blair does. she needs to be with somebody who will give her confidence, he needs to be alone so he can figure out how to fix his relationships.


i think its interesting that blair's bulimia was brought up again after a couple of seasons, is this going to be a storyline in the second half? ive been wondering what happened to her 'problem', perhaps we'll get a flashback episode which will show us she's been battling it alone this whole time? it would explain some of her desparate actions (going off the rails in s2, deciding to go for the IP in s3, planting chuck's passport in eva's bag at the beginning of s4 etc). perhaps dan will find out and it'll bring them closer? somehow i don't think chuck would be involved in helping her with it, my bet will be either dan as an intro to dair, or serena as a way of bringing their friendship back together (after dair?)


Blair's quote from Gossip Guy: What a pun! And next week is gonna be AMAAAZING!


1. I would like to see J changed for atleast once monster!
2. I would love to see DERENA back togeter. And I would also for like to see nothing from serana past comming in between DERANA this time! That derena kiss was so sweet! GO DERENA!
3.I would like to Blair with other guy and Chuck getting jealous of him....................
4. Vennesa must be out for some time. so that Derena actually have a chance this time.


1. I think I'll go with GossipGuy's quote. I did chuckle a little when I watched that bit. 2. Really hard to say - I have no idea what they are doing with that couple right now. I mean they are just... I would've preferred it if they'd tried to see the Serenate thing through. We've put Dan and Serena together a thousand times, but before Dan ever had a chance in hell with Serena there was Nate. I give him first priority although with this Dad drama back in the mix (for like no damn reason - annoying!) it probably isn't a good time. Also, I liked it when Dan and Serena were just good friends. It's a little weird putting them together now their parents are married. 3. Wouldn't be the first time - also what's this talk about the blank look on Chace's face - I saw a look of recognition, "wtf, seriously! Dad still hasn't learned a thing!" 4. In order for this relationship to progress, Chair is going to have to be just friends for a bit. At least we know the love is there, that means we can move on from the gameplaying - which lets be honest couldn't last forever anyway - first Chuck has to learn how to be Blair's friend and Blair has to learn to trust Chuck and let him work on himself without always stepping in (in the past this has only led to heartache on both ends) 5. I don't know, but I hope they do get rid of her eventually because she is getting to be just as bad as Georgina only less entertaining (although that pregnancy thing made Georgina annoying to me for the first time - I mean what was the point of that story line?). Bonus Q: Oh she was definitely useless, but at least she wasn't in the way this time. She's always getting in the way, making alliances with all the wrong people and hating on Serena because she's rich and pretty and accidentally on purpose steals Dan from time to time. I give Vanessa an 8.


1. i definitely agree with Gossip Guy.
2. i hope not. Derena is extremely boring, i think maybe dan should go after V and serena should hook up with Damien.
3.don't think so:|
4.they are cute but the chemistry between them is .... they won't last long as friends.
5. i don't think she'll be humiliated like most of the bad guys in Gossip Girl, but jail doesn't sound like Blair either.
6. i can't understand why she even apeared in that last episode. she should have just left a post it saying she's gone and leave. anyways, she was extremely stupid.


Nate will eventually figure it out and pull his spoiled little tantrum about it like he does with everything. And in one episode he starts off wanting to work things out with Juliet to suddenly wanting Serena back. This boy doesn't know what he wants. He is eye candy though.
I do like Derena or San together. I think they should be end game.
While I'm a huge fan of Chair and knowing that they are definitely end game, I certainly wouldn't mind a little fling with Dair! I also would like to see Chuck get jealous for once instead of Blair. I don't think Chuck has been jealous since Nate.


1. Dorota speaking polish was awesome
2. I am so tired of Derena, Serenate was a breath of fresh air for me, but of course it went back to Derene again. It always does!
3. I don't think he will, he's not that much of a doer
4. Friendship is okay for now, maybe this will lead to a more solid relationship eventually.
5. Don't know, maybe blackmail her or something, they must have something on her
6. 10, I know everybody hates Vanessa, but I don't. I get that she's an unrealistic character and stuff, but I've always seen her as more of a pointless character, I've never thought of her as mean or bitch, up until now, that is. Never really cared about her, but even I react to the way she's behaving now.


1. I totally agree with Mister meester it was so funny he said it like J is a dangouros monster!
2. I hope so. In the last weeks serena looked totally annoying to me. But with Dan her real love everything looked different! That kiss was so sweet! GO DERENA!
3. I totally agree with Gossip Guy. Nate is just so....
4.Yes and No I love the way they are treating each other but as much as I'd enjoy some Dair action I want CHAIR back! God I miss them so badly!
5. I don't know but I really hope it's gonna be PAINFULLY!
6.10 she bores me!


1. I'm going to have to go with DANdy here... that quote was so Blair and hilarious.
2. The Derena kiss was okay, I mean it's a nice start for them.
3. He'll figure it out soon enough. Man, Nate just didn't have a clue of what the police officer was talking about. He was probably thinking of his bangs while the police said that.
4. I love Chair as friends. I would LOVE for them to be together and happy again, but I WANT to see Chuck fight for Blair. She fought long and hard for him, so now he should do the same. But they have a very complex relationship.
5. I have no idea... but Dair better do some serious damage. :) Oh, & as for the Vanessa uselessness scale, I agree with DANdy again. She needs to be killed off the show IMO.

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