Gossip Girl Sneak Preview: "Juliet Doesn't Live Here Anymore"

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Shocker alert: Dan may not be over Serena just yet.

Monday on Gossip Girl, he was fixated on taking down Chair, or trying to at least (see our review and Round Table). Next week, poor Humphrey grows concerned about his ex.

In this sneak peek from "Juliet Doesn't Live Here Anymore," Dan confronts Serena about Colin, but not in the way you might think. Sounds a lot like a declaration of love to us ...

[video url="http://www.tvfanatic.com/videos/juliet-doesnt-live-here-anymore-sneak-preview/" title="Juliet Doesn't Live Here Anymore Sneak Preview"] [/video]

Is there a chance Derena ends up together? How will Nate's feelings factor into this. Tell us what you think, and check out these promos for next week's Gossip Girl as well.

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I think Dan is way better for Serena. If she doesn't pick him i will be so upset and feel so bad for Dan. Does anyone ever realize she always goes to Dan with her problems or when she's hurting. She rarely ever goes to Nate. Plus Nate is an asshole. Its so obvious Dan and Serena are meant to be. Plus he will treat her WAY better than Nate. He's very sweet and sensitive and i can feel the connection between them. He's always so nice to her and you can tell he'd do anything for her. Nate was a total ass to her when he was with Juliet. He like totally forgot about her, and he knew that hurt her. Dan on the other hand was always there for her. He's just a better guy for her than Nate.


Serena and Nate should be given a second chance, and I the writers will make their relationship more exciting like Blair and Chuck is. Serenate FTW! I hope they will last this time, with lots of excitement!


I personally love Dan and Serena together. I have never been fond of Nate/Serena. They lack chemistry and make up for it by having lots of sex, which avoids conversation. I recall once Serena getting out of a limo with Nate and saying "That was awkward" which is probably because they didn't have sex. Really fucking awkward, yeah? But Dan has always loved Serena, and the first guy Serena ever loved was Dan. She didn't love Nate, only as a friend back in the day. It was always Dan and Serena, and that is why the writers are going back to them. Dan brings out the best side of Serena, and she opens him up. Truly perfect.


it should sooo be Serena and Nate!


god i am sick of this... dan/serena, serena/nate back to dan omg it's boring bring back carter they were great together and bring someone new and exciting in for dan not someone boring like vanessa and olivia.


I'm sick of the back and forth between derena ! Ugh writers why are you ruining them ,
?! And please like S is going to last with Colin! Ha. Of all the guest stars and story arcs I don't think this one will be the winner..


@TheYaliar* lol what? I'm saying S and N don't have chemistry. If you want them together than thats fine with me..


@ummm, will you just let people have their OWN opinion?
Actually, I don't really like Dan and I don't really like Derena, I think I prefer Serenate, don't know why, they always seemed like they were meant, at least in my opinion. I think Dan should just stay with Vanessa, and I'm not saying I like her, or them, but she's just more fit to be his girlfriend than Serena. D and S are way too different, in my opinion.


Serena just needs to choose, she likes Colin but she doesn't love him and it's clear Juliet is going to get Serdna kicked out for sleeping with Colin.. Ugh I really don't know. I really need to rewatch all the seasons because of Derena's history. I'm just tired of them breaking up and getting back together -__-


why the heck do people want s and n together? they have no chemistry together. Its so one dimensional and dull. I think i'm the only person who thinks Carter is meant for her....

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