Gossip Girl Spoiler Pics: Chuck's New Girlfriend?

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As we noted in our Gossip Girl review, Chuck and Blair seem to be entering a friendship phase after last night's episode. Romantic feelings are there, but the timing isn't right.

Enter Chuck's new girlfriend.

These photos from the set appear to show Mr. Bass with his latest love interest (rumored name Raina) in an upcoming episode. How will Blair respond when she finds out? A revenge hookup with Dan perhaps? Okay, that's just us speculating. Here are the pics:

Kiss For Chuck
Bass Love Interest
Chuck and Raina?
New Bass Girlfriend

MAKING IT RAINA: Will Chuck moving on ultimately lead him back to Blair?

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NO, I REFUSE TO ACCEPT THIS HAS TRUE FEELINGS BEHIND IT! this is what i hope will happen, bear with me:
chuck will try using his charm on this raina and vice-versa to get at each other's business secrets, blair and dan start working together & bonding. blair starts getting confident and making a name for herself despite missing chuck. he follows her ascent but stays away to let her get on with her life (a bit like how he set up her perfect prom). but then she sees him with r, is crushed and gets comforted by dan, leading to deep friendship and possibly a kiss or one night stand which both will agree was a mistake.
chuck & serena find out, go mental, chuck has a secret showdown with dan because he's too much of a coward to confront blair. dan completely shames him by reminding him of all he's put blair through and opens his eyes to how special she is (you go dan!). chuck's guilt makes him stay away from her because he STILL thinks he can't make her happy (that old story again, blaah), prince louis pops over to bring her the shoe and her mum makes her offer to move to paris and work together. she thinks chuck doesn't care anymore since as far as she knows he hasn't reacted to the dair news. she's lost serena in an epic shouting match so she prepares to leave for europe. at the last minute chuck visits her to say goodbye, they sadly sleep together but he wakes up alone. she's gone, he gets a call that the hotel is ablaze, raina dies in the fire, he's arrested because he won't tell anyone where he was at the time the fire was started (which was either by jack or russell). after that im stumped. and what happens to the others? mmm, who cares anymore?


Honestly, I hate Chuck getting a new girlfriend... its just preventing the inevitable: Him and Blair! And believe me, they belong together, plus the writers/producers pretty much hinted that they would get back together soon enough. Kind of reminds me of Piper and Leo from Charmed, if anyone knows what that is. :P And I'm glad that they'll be together no matter what, It's about time!


why always Chucks breaks Blair's heart? I am tired to see all of this drama, Chuck with Eva, Chuck with this Raina, Chuck with Jenny, Chuck with the girl from secret men club in season 2... I would like to see Louis coming from France to fight for Blair and make Chuck's jealous. I hate when Chuck is cruel and cold with Blair... maybe it will be a kind of interesting to see Dan and Blair happening, I never think I could say this but Chuck deserves to see Blair moving on with another boy and start fighting for her love


Boy, i agree: why Chuck gets to hook up with a million girls when chair breaks up, but blair gets no other interesting romances at all.. I get that Chuck is all about women, but, c'mon, it's really unfair..


Yay!! Layla from 'One Life to Live' She's an awesome actress and she'll do well on GG!


How come the writers just can let blair actually be happy for Chuck? That would be a nice spin on things. She is always made to look like the bitter one. I think its time to make her look like the growing woman she is becoming. @ blair.. agree with you


How come the writers just can let blair actually be happy for Chuck? That would be a nice spin on things. She is always made to look like the bitter one. I think its time to make her look like the growing woman she is becoming.


I'm not saying anything bad about black girls. My sister's best friend is black & she's a doll :) I'm just saying that I would have never pictured it. She gorgeous, but it's not who I would have picked him to be with for a love interest. Even if he is using her or if she's using him. But I'm excited to see how this SL goes :)


Im pretty sure Chuck is only using her because he cant be friends with blair. What does it matter that she is black Jessica Szohr is half black.


i hate how chuck gets all the new love interests, and poor blair gets no one... unfair

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