Kiss For Chuck
OMG. Chuck Bass is moving on from Blair! At least for the moment!

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10.) pretty sure Chuck was Blairs first love, and wasnt Serena Nates first?


Chuck does not deserve another girl. fuck the writers very much for thinking about this lame SL and actually going through with filming it. dumb move!


the happiness for blair is nate . REMEMBER !!!
1. Nate is there for Blair when she needs him
2. Blair knew the first time when she saw him that he's the one she wanted to marry !!
3. Blair has always loved him and she always will
4. Blair belongs with Nate, not Chuck
5. Nate thinks highly of Blair's opinions
6. The heart pin ♥
7. Nate taking the fall for Blair in 'School Lies' -season1
9. He bought them their own apartment for their future (nate really wants have more serious relationship with blair)
10. They're each others first love
11. They bring out the best in each other
12. They don't play games
13. She forgave him
14. They're meant to be
15. They always find their love,It's always there
16. They both have the guts to do one of the most hardest thing to do - Say sorry to each other
17. They care about each other, even if they're not "together"
18. Blair always be a nice woman when she is with nate
19. Blair thinks be with nate is easy, not hard and not hurt
20. Blair and nate is always have always will
and the most important things is blair and nate is a real couple in the books . this series based on the book gossip girl.


maybe im in denial but she's the one kissing him, not him her. and only on the cheek... pleeeeeeeease don't let him LIKE her! and even though i hate the thought of having no chair interaction, id rather blair didn't see them together, kissing or no kissing.


Chuck and Blair belong together. I will not tolerate an other ending! ;P loved the hot-steamy sex-part between them. :D


I love to see Chuck and Blair together but I realize they must be apart for now. There is only so much the writers can do when they're a couple and they are not really the fighting kind which would make the relationship dramatic. It's either on or off between them, since as soon as they're together only the really bad stuff can tear them apart. (Yes, Jack Bass, that is YOU!)
Nonetheless I didn't like the whole Eva plotline. Chuck just seemed to be way too into her. It should always remain clear that Blair's the one who holds his heart.


any way, Chuck is belongs Blair, and Blair is belongs Chuck too

Gg girl

they so need to bring in Matt Lanter so serena and blair can fight over a guy for once. Now that would spice things up


Louis should come and start a romance with Blair, making Chuck really jealous. Incidentally, Chuck seems to move on very easily (Eva, Raina..), meanwhile, Blair remains sad .. she should start falling for another boy, Dan or Louis .. we know Chair will happen in the end! (:


i think chuck needs to be be with someone else to realize that blair is actually his true soulmate.
and this is a typical situation in GG : they need to put them apart to create something amazing for the lastest episodes of the show!
they had 4 episodes just about them now it's time to create something new !
anyway i'll quote Blair and say "because you are you , and i am me. we're chuck and blair, blair and chuck. the worst thing you've ever done, the darkest thought you've ever had, i will stand by you through anything (...) because i love U !" MEANS EVERYTHING!!

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Gossip Girl Season 4 Episode 12 Quotes

Here's my advice. Have a little faith, and if that doesn't work, have a lot of mimosas.


Serena: Just take me away from my problems, please. Tell me, what did you do over the break?
Blair: Why? What did you hear?