Gossip Girl Spoiler Pics: Chuck's New Girlfriend?

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As we noted in our Gossip Girl review, Chuck and Blair seem to be entering a friendship phase after last night's episode. Romantic feelings are there, but the timing isn't right.

Enter Chuck's new girlfriend.

These photos from the set appear to show Mr. Bass with his latest love interest (rumored name Raina) in an upcoming episode. How will Blair respond when she finds out? A revenge hookup with Dan perhaps? Okay, that's just us speculating. Here are the pics:

Kiss For Chuck
Bass Love Interest
Chuck and Raina?
New Bass Girlfriend

MAKING IT RAINA: Will Chuck moving on ultimately lead him back to Blair?

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@ Love Chuck Love Blair: i completely agree with u!
@ morgan: i can't imagine chuck with a black girl either


please. i feel so bored already. new girlfriends, new boyfriends. one after another. chuck and blair had better chemistry apart. now i know that they're going to be together no matter what, thanks to the little events the writers dropped here and there, they've become the most boring couple. i like them together. but they should make their future uncertain.


race fail.... blah blah... count the minorities on one finger... STFU ... i can count the white ppl on BET on less than one hand... so annoying.... NOT EVERYTHING IS ABOUT RACE!!!!! ohhh no black ppl ohh no minorities... STFU move on... if you have something to say about the show say it if not go do some protests and shit no one wants to hear your crying


She's pretty, but she's no Blair Waldorf. I hope Chair gets back together soon. & Chuck needs to FIGHT for her! Like she did all those years. I just think it's weird for Chuck to be with a black girl. I'm not racist at all, but IMO I just never imagined it!


bleughhhh/.....she is fugly cmpared to blair


I think this is really the only aspect of the show that has really, truly disappointed me in regards to GG up to this point. A beautiful woman and all she's good for is a love interest? The first time, in a LONG time, that GG has brought back minority actors and this is what she's reduced to? She'd better be DAMN good in this role or it'll be epic 2009 race!fail all over again.


Chuck does love Blair. Blair decieded that she needs to find herself with being chucks girlfriend. She even said something along the lines as, they will find a way back to each other if\
/when they are meant to. So they tried the friend thing, but it was too hard for Chuck. He couldn't be just friends with her right now. That's why he said they need to be alone away from each other.


uh yeah. it better lead him back to blair...


what happened to chuck saying to blair that they will find there way back,,
he just told her again that he loved her now he is dating someone else wtf?
than in the last epiosde he said they needed to be alone!!
ahhh he obsiously didnt love blair that much than
so confused.
how could he move on soo fast poo blair


I'm kind of excited that there's another black girl on the show!
I can easily count the amount of minorities on this show... with one hand. That is really pathetic

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