Gossip Girl Spoilers: A New Girlfriend For Chuck

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Despite Chuck and Blair's breakup on last week's episode, many fans remain hopeful that the Gossip Girl couple will, as Mr. Bass predicted, find their way back to each other in the end.

Still, don't expect his new girlfriend to be welcomed with open arms.

"We have another guest star coming on, which is amazing," Jessica Szohr says. "She starts to date Chuck Bass, which is exciting because everyone wants Chuck and Blair together. This someone throws a little loop in their relationship, or throws everyone, actually."

Anybody Got a Piano?

Any theories about who Chuck will date, and what said "loop" is?

Other Gossip Girl news and notes:

  • Katie Cassidy is signed on for 11 episodes total, so it looks like Juliet will leave the show ... but not before some truly "great stuff before she goes."
  • Sam Page's Colin is gone, too: "There's no plan to return as of yet, but the door's certainly open since we left it on a nice note," the actor says.
  • There's nothing in the works for Jenny and Nate. Hopefully ever.

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chuck's new girlfriend? what? another??? boring...damn boring!!! I don't care about those stupid boring flirts...do what you wan...I just want CHAIR together at the very end of the show otherwise I think I will sue you!!!!!


Some good points made by ladygossip there. some additional thoughts:
** bring back Jenny but have her successfully doing something, like her fashion line taking off. Give her some love preferably from Nate - they rock together and it's been long enough! ** bring back georgina and the baby - what ever happened to her? ** perhaps an episode with chair babysitting darota's kid?? this would be fun and interesting considering chuck almost proposed to blair! ** More about Lily and Rufus' past. Valley Girls episodes. ** DAIR! dan/blair friendship could turn into something more?? (yes as much as I like chair the on and off again relationship is pissing me off now) ** serena can fall off a cliff, maybe with vanessa - god their characters are irritating! (love the actors, don't get me wrong, but the characters are my least favourite).

Uche bass

who cares abt some new girl? no one will ever measure up to chuck and blair together


chuck does not need a girlfriend!!!!! he has blair forever!! CHAIR FOREVER!!!


Regarding Lily and Rufus, I wonder - can they write something interesting about a couple that is actually working things out fine? It looks like someone put two morons to write the show, people who can only write based on, as people would say, OMG moments. That gets annoying after 4 years. Besides, it's not that easy to create a long-running show. Just ask Josh and Stephanie. It's season 4 and, let's face it, the watchers have been more than forgiving, because some things that happened are just out of this world.


Come on... a new girlfriend for Chuck? Didn't we go there like 6 episodes ago? It's getting a little hard to watch.


some hints:
--I love Chair and am a full Chair supporter. But if you are going to keep them apart for any amount of time, give Blair some love. She needs to rise to the top and be Queen B again. And what does every queen need? A prince. Bring back the prince from the first episode. It will be nice for her to find herself with a guy supporting her reign instead of alternately sabotaging it and stealing her limelight. If Blair is going to be anything but "Chuck Bass' girlfriend," the writers need to give her an opportunity to be someone great.
--Let Blair beat Serena for once. Let Serena realize she CAN'T get away with everything. I'm not saying to throw Serena off a cliff- I like her as a character, but she shouldn't be on top all the time.
--Wipe of Jenny's makeup and get her off her high horse. If she hooks up with someone, let it be Nate because they had good chemistry.
--kill off Vanessa.
--bring back Cyrus and Eric!!! More Eric!!!
--Less Lily and Rufus, unless they become interesting again.
--Make Nate a stronger character...not just a pretty boy stoner. It's also nice to see the whole issue with his father cropping up again...since everyone forgot about the captain...
--What is Juliet's problem? She's SO ANNOYING. She doesn't even SOUND sinister. Nor do her plots make much sense... Anyway. Those are SOME suggestions.


@maira i don't quite agree when you said that chuck fell in love with eva. he never told eva he loved her, he only said he care about her. i still believe he n blair will end up together. lets hope so =D


Why doesn't BLAIR ever get to be with anyone but Chuck?! He's the only guy she has had a relationship with in SO long! Meanwhile Chuck screws every girl in town/falls in love with Eva. This is so ridiculous. Chair is ruined for me. The writing has gone SO downhill this season it has become a joke. The characters have no consistency! One episode Chuck declares his love for Blair, the next he is dating some random girl? It's like the writers don't have things planned out at all before they start a new episode. I want to see Blair with a man who loves her and treats her like it! Then maybe Chuck can see the error of his ways and do something BIG to show his love for her and give her a real apology for all of the crap he has done to her.. Until then, I will feel sick seeing her disrespect herself by being with him/wanting him/having sex with him.... This is coming from a serious Chair fan, too!


U R right, they need time to grow apart, but it should be sensible. I'd like to see Blair in a mature way in terms of talking to people( her reasoning)she can hold herself pretty well but i want to see a real grown up woman in her afterall she's 20 y/o..It's nice to their families in the show a well and can u at least show viewers how are they inside their classrooms?

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