Gossip Girl Spoilers: A New Girlfriend For Chuck

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Despite Chuck and Blair's breakup on last week's episode, many fans remain hopeful that the Gossip Girl couple will, as Mr. Bass predicted, find their way back to each other in the end.

Still, don't expect his new girlfriend to be welcomed with open arms.

"We have another guest star coming on, which is amazing," Jessica Szohr says. "She starts to date Chuck Bass, which is exciting because everyone wants Chuck and Blair together. This someone throws a little loop in their relationship, or throws everyone, actually."

Anybody Got a Piano?

Any theories about who Chuck will date, and what said "loop" is?

Other Gossip Girl news and notes:

  • Katie Cassidy is signed on for 11 episodes total, so it looks like Juliet will leave the show ... but not before some truly "great stuff before she goes."
  • Sam Page's Colin is gone, too: "There's no plan to return as of yet, but the door's certainly open since we left it on a nice note," the actor says.
  • There's nothing in the works for Jenny and Nate. Hopefully ever.

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k come on guys.. chuck and blair will end up together they belong together


Chuck and Blair need time apart to grow..
They will end up together, The writers aren't going to stop with chuck and Blair, there the main couple in this show ,half the viewers watch the show because of them . It would be boring if they we're always together. They will end up together in the end.


Face it guys, Chuch & Blair together are boring. The chase is what's exciting to watch. It makes you keen for the upcoming episodes. Who cares if Chuck meets a new girl & Blair meets a new guy, we all know they will eventually end up together. So stop bagging the writers & think the show is going to go down hill, because its not & have a cry.


Bringing in a new girlfriend for Chuck or having DAIR as a couple is an EPIC FAIL and will bring their show to their LAST SEASON. This will be their downturn and NOBODY will watch!


I was a HUGE fan of Chair and I LOATHE the idea of Dair. But seriously, now, I hope the writers will bring it. I'm sick of being tortured as a Chair fan. I'm sick of Chuck. After what he did to Blair, he wanted to propose, slept with Jenny, FELL IN LOVE WITH EVA (if we watch the eva arc, it seemed like so). Give Blair a break. She was far from angel. She wasn't genuine and caring to everyone. But she was devoted to Chuck. Eva saved Chuck once, but Blair has saved Chuck so many times in her own way. When Chuck almost jumped, etc. She was always there. And I hate the fact that the writers EITHER MAKE BLAIR A VICTIM OR THROW HER UNDER A BUS to make Chuck or Eva look good. I had been waiting for Chuck's redemption because I really loved Chair. But after the Eva arc, I seriously doubt it. Perhaps someday, somehow I might like Chuck again. But I won't like Chair again. Even in their beautiful scenes after 4x05, everytime I see them, I see Chuck loving Eva and declaring war on Blair. I don't buy Chair love anymore. Go with Eva or who ever you think is your angel Chuck, Blair deserves someone who loves her and only her. This used to be Chuck's advantage vs any guy in Blair's life, but not anymore. The writers seem to really hate Blair, never let them happy. Pair her with any guy better than Chuck, whoever he is. After all she has been through, she deserves to be happy and definitely happier than Chuck.


writers sucks!


@Melissa totally Agree someone kill of Vanessa quick!!! shes ruining the show... and since when is she so twisted? like go kill yourself literally


@ggholic28 omg i totally agree i already dont like her. honestly if they were gonna bring back a girl I'd love Eva, she was genuine and nice and she brought out the best in him. Why would they bring this girl? she looks like she has no style sence EWWW... cant picture them together... pls these writers need to stop brining randoms in the show... its not fun ... this season juliet, colin, eva, chucks new gf... its getting ridicilous... bring the old back georgina, carter bazen(maybe he can be nice fall in love with blair or vanessa or something) MAKE IT INTERESTING STOP BRINGING RANDOMS!!! IM LOSING INTEREST IN WATCHING RANDOM ACTORS! Bring Dans brother back! do something! god... stop introducing new roles... all of us are watching because of the main actors not these nobodys


OMG! How can they bring in ANOTHER new girlfriend for Chuck? How can he just move on like that again?!? Especially since it seemed like he was going to wait for Blair? I'm a true blue fan of Gossip Girl but this is getting ridiculous even for me! I've loved Chuck since the beginning and I finally "hated" Chuck with the whole "war" thing. THen I loved him again when he and Blair were back on, so to speak. And now? Idk...When are the writers going to stop torturing us?


Dan and Blair the worst idea ever!vomit
Chuck and Blair belongs together..

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