Gossip Girl Spoilers: A New Girlfriend For Chuck

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Despite Chuck and Blair's breakup on last week's episode, many fans remain hopeful that the Gossip Girl couple will, as Mr. Bass predicted, find their way back to each other in the end.

Still, don't expect his new girlfriend to be welcomed with open arms.

"We have another guest star coming on, which is amazing," Jessica Szohr says. "She starts to date Chuck Bass, which is exciting because everyone wants Chuck and Blair together. This someone throws a little loop in their relationship, or throws everyone, actually."

Anybody Got a Piano?

Any theories about who Chuck will date, and what said "loop" is?

Other Gossip Girl news and notes:

  • Katie Cassidy is signed on for 11 episodes total, so it looks like Juliet will leave the show ... but not before some truly "great stuff before she goes."
  • Sam Page's Colin is gone, too: "There's no plan to return as of yet, but the door's certainly open since we left it on a nice note," the actor says.
  • There's nothing in the works for Jenny and Nate. Hopefully ever.

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Some pathetic Dair lovers have multiple accounts trying desperately to show Chair boring,phlease how can Chair be boring when they are driving the show.clearly people are just watching for that interesting hot couple not for idiocity
Dan.Get over it among the millions of GG fans Dair fans are just 100 or 200 people and the pthers are all for Chair.all the sick Dair fans are on this site but there is no Dair fan out there.Every people has their own limits and Dan is just out of Blairs limits.
He doesn't just fit with her character but he will make her boring.nobody wants Dair and this show will be just on its worst point before getting cancelled.
Chuck and Blair can never be boring because they are the most interesting and hottest characters of this show.Nobody loves and cares about moron Dan.Chuck and Blair were the best part of the 3rd season even with their 5 min screen time.Lots of boring Dan scenes are the only reason this show lost ratings and the scenes with 5an will still be boring.Even Blair isn't enough to make that donut interesting.Just kill Dan this show is getting boring with that silly personality!!


i hate dan...


Another thing. About this girlfriend. This is a guy we are talking about, it's not because is Chuck, but do you really think that a guy can wait very long for a woman? We have a saying where I come from: "Men are like cats, when they fall, they fall on their feets". What I mean is that when is about their behavior towards women, men don't face the same consequences as women in their behavior towards men. And men and women subconstiously know this and behave accordingly. If a woman says that she is going to wait for the guy and she doesn't wait an amount of time deemed reasonable by society she is a liar or a slut. But if the guy says that he is going to wait and after a short period of time gets another woman he really doesn't get to be judge by it. Those perceptions are changing nowadays but the change is slow and we still find situations like this. He said the he was going to wait, but when it will be obvious that he didn't wait for whatever reason (this could also be a scheme, who knows) he is not going to get too much heat about it from the others, except perhaps Blair (with a really slim chance that Serena or Dan join her because they feel sorry for Blair). If it was the other way around, Blair would be crucified by who knows how many characters on this show. She herself said in the last episode that she didn't expect him to wait, which means she's aware of the situation, and now that I think about it I'm almost sure that he didn't said the exact phrase "I'm going to wait for you", but he said instead the whole thing about 2 persons finding their way to each other.


I saw E! news today and Kristin spoke about everything (Chuck's new GF, Taylor Momsen, Katie Cassidy) except Dair. Until Kristin or Aussiello confirm it or I watch in my screen I won´t believe the Dair rumors. The suppossed Dair could always be a pretend relantioship out of spite and to upset Serena, Chuck, for some scheme that could be or not work related, could not be an actual relationship but feelings between 2 people sad and heartbroken or that are going through a similar situation and are spending time together and conforting each other, or they could just date and not hook up. Worst case scenario is a 1 night stand due to a drunken night or heartbreak or could be a relantionship that is probably end up doomed anyway, and like I said I'm not going to worry about it until I hear it from a trustworthy source or see it in promos or in an episode.


But he said he would wait for her :(


Ugh. I'm not watching this show anymore. This chuck and blair drama is getting old. They need to just let them be. Then there's vanessa who they just need to get rid of.


OMG if Dair would happen, what kind of show is this, all the girls will just be having sex with the man in the show!! what lesson will the teenagers who watches the show will get? That they can just have sex with anybody? HELLOOO WRITERS!!!


And watch the writers throw Chuck and Serena under the bus so Dan and Blair can look good. I mean, it's always Chuck and Serena the vilans and DB the victims. Tired of it. It wont make me love DB, it will just make me hate them more. Oh wait, no problem since I am not watching.


I was loving S4 so much, but do they really think I am gonna keep watching Chuck with another girl and Blair with Dan? UGH.. xoxo gg


Not again! I want jealous Chuck and not jealous Blair! By the way, he should be the one fighting for her and not the other way around... hopefully she gets a boyfriend... I actually start to like the Dair story line if it happens, everything to let her finally move on and him being for once the one who has to fight for their relationship!

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