Gossip Girl Spoilers: A New Girlfriend For Chuck

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Despite Chuck and Blair's breakup on last week's episode, many fans remain hopeful that the Gossip Girl couple will, as Mr. Bass predicted, find their way back to each other in the end.

Still, don't expect his new girlfriend to be welcomed with open arms.

"We have another guest star coming on, which is amazing," Jessica Szohr says. "She starts to date Chuck Bass, which is exciting because everyone wants Chuck and Blair together. This someone throws a little loop in their relationship, or throws everyone, actually."

Anybody Got a Piano?

Any theories about who Chuck will date, and what said "loop" is?

Other Gossip Girl news and notes:

  • Katie Cassidy is signed on for 11 episodes total, so it looks like Juliet will leave the show ... but not before some truly "great stuff before she goes."
  • Sam Page's Colin is gone, too: "There's no plan to return as of yet, but the door's certainly open since we left it on a nice note," the actor says.
  • There's nothing in the works for Jenny and Nate. Hopefully ever.

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Like a few weeks ago they tell us about two neew characters, Raina and her dad who is a important men in the buissnes world, i think that Chuck will only date her to close a deal with her dad and he would sacrifice Blairs love for it.
And Blair will use Dan to make him jelaus ...
Thats my theory


I don't understand why everyone treat this matter so seriously? Remember, this is just a show, it is created for enterteiment. In my opinion it is good, that something is happening. Do you remember the third season? When Blair was with Chuck? It was boring, because they behaved like an old couple ( don't get me wrong I'm a big chair fan, but I like when something happens between them. I agree with victorie. I also think, that Blair will destroy the new girl and Chuck will realize, that the only person who loves is Blair. Or it mabye he will be with this girl just only to Blair to force some action. Ps. Please don't write, that you finish with this show. We all really love it! :) and we are curious what will happen next> Just you give a chance for further development. Sorry for my English, it is not my first language.


i guess blair will destroy the new girl.
she can't handle with seeing chuck with a girl who's not her. and i will find out that blair has his heart and the new girl won't change this point, i hope so..


i really hate the storyline, but chucks new girlfriend is just a guest star or? it gives us up for a good ending for chair, because a lot of people heard that chuck will ask blair if she wants to marry him.
it would be great to see chuck jealous but it would be nothing new.
and the worse thing is dair, i can't believe it. think of season 1? she always had said that she would never go out with dan and now she will have feeling for him?
maybe it's just to get over chuck, because he will say no to her next episode. i think she isn't alright after this and really sad. then she will see chuck with a new girl and she will go to dan, because he often helped her with her problems with chuck, remember season 2, or season 3 in the end.
maybe they will talk about their problems and will like eachother. i don't know.
but time after time i'm sure that chuck and blair will defintly get back together. do you think the same? or have you new spoilers or something?


I PREFER TO SEE BLAIR'S NEW BOY THAN CHUCK'S NEW GIRL. but chuck having a new girlfriend will be better for chair in the end, because this makes chuck/eva relationship less meaningful because eva will be just another ex-girlfriend of chuck, not the only other girl chuck truly cares about. right? but PLEASE, DON'T TORTURE BLAIR WITH THIS NEW GIRLFRIEND OF CHUCK'S SL. as much as mean she was to eva, blair was no worse than chuck to her. she doesn't deserve to be hurt by chuck's behavior.


The girl named raina will be chucks new girlfriend. she is so ugly it is disgusting


Just to clarify, Dan/Blair are happening. It's been confirmed by a very reliable source. Check out the spoiler forum. I'm done with GG too. I hate OOC behavior and contrived storylines. Enough is enough.


okay i might go with the "blair having a new boyfriend and chuck hating it" storyline..but chuck's new girlfriend???that just doesnt make sense!! i dont want to see jealous blair AGAIN!! we already been there done that this season! but jealous chuck would be HOT!! LUV CHAIR,reason why i watch GG!


Do you which actress will Chuck's new girl be???


now it's not interesting anymore without chair...it's geting boring boring n boringggggg....

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