Hawaii Five-O Spoilers: Who Gets Kidnapped?

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Hawaii Five-O viewers have met Mary, the sister of Steve McGarrett. But they know little about this character, who is played by Taryn Manning.

That will soon change, however, as TV Guide reports a major storyline on the horizon:

Mary Ann Arrival

In an upcoming episode, Mary will get kidnapped. Through their investigation, McGarrett and Danno will determine that this case is connected to the murder of the former's mother years ago.

And the prime suspect? A businessman with major ties to the Japanese mob... and the governor of Hawaii.

Sounds intriguing. In other Hawaii Five-O news, Mark Dacascos has been cast as a famous villain on the show.

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I do think the character of Mary is salvageable, more information is coming out about their childhood and the loss of a mother so early in a child's life (Steve was already 16 so he was much closer to adulthood than Mary) can have devastating psychological effects. Couple than with a distant father and you can easily get a damaged, lost young woman with no direction in life because no one was there to help direct her. Now for argument's sake, yes some people can persevere through that sort of thing and come out better on the other side, but some people can't and that doesn't mean there is something wrong with them, just that they're not the kind that can handle situations like that as well as some others could. I think that is who they are trying to paint her to be, an emotionally confused young woman who is not a bad person, is good in the same way that Steve is, but with a completely opposite personality. She is reckless and flighty, while Steve is controlled and composed. I think if they did her character right, she would be a great fit for the show.


I doubt the character of Mary is salvageable. "Guest" is the only person I've heard of that remotely likes her, and even then, he/she said "snooping through their dad's toolbox" - of a likeable person, you'd say "going through" stuff. But the idea that she's not likeable is already there. So no matter what the writers do with her now, I think she's toast. Burnt, bad-tasting toast. It is too bad, because she could have been a fun character.


This show really sucks. I'm only going to watch for Mark Dacascos because so far as I could tell by the 1 episode I suffered through, no one else can act!


I like the character of Mary, and I do like the actress that plays her, but they need to do it right. I hated how they had her snooping through their dad's toolbox and taking photos. I really do not want her to be a character that is supposed to be despised, there is so much they could do with her.


I agree - a plot experiment gone horribly wrong. Maybe she could get a class implant? So no more embarrassing her brother's lover and threatening to have lots of loud sex... too bad because a romance between Steven's sister and Danno would have been delicious.


The actress who plays the sister (or maybe it's just her character) annoys me to death. Please make her go away :)

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