Hellcats Promo: Was It a Mistake?

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Hellcats traveled back to the 1980s this week, but it didn't leave any tension in the past. Read through our critic's review of "Back of a Car" HERE.

The CW will air another new episode of this series next Wednesday, and it will deal with the aftermath of Dan and Marti's mistake... or non-mistake, if you hear Dan explain it below.

Look for Savanna to head home on "Finish What we Started" because she needs a break from her roommate, while singer FeFe Dobson will perform. But this preview is almost all about Dan and Marti. Do you want to see them together?

[video url="http://www.tvfanatic.com/videos/finish-what-we-started-promo/" title="Finish What We Started Promo"] [/video]

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of cours dan and marti they have history and history always comes back

Whipped by damon

I understand why Marti would be torn, I mean c'mon, Dan was her first and he's getting serious with someone else and she probably feels like she's losing him but there is probably a reason they didn't work in the first place and going down that road again..bound to be a mistake! I really like Dan and Savannah together so I wish the show wouldn't detour from that developing bond.


Dan & Savannah all the way (L)


Um...how bout no?! ARE THEY NUTS?! I want them as bffs, the week before she was all over Lewis and now she's in love with Dan? COME ON!


BFFS as lovers doesn't work much better in real life than it does on TV. There's definitely some smoke between Dan and Marti, but that fire is gonna burn them both :(


YES! and No... Yes because they're so good together and this ep was awesome! And their friendship is really realistic! But no because we all know how tvshows deal with bff turning into lovers...


Hell to the NO! I liked watching Savannah and Dan's developing relationship! The boy from the wrong side of the tracks with the good girl is much more interesting, and Vanessa, her man, and Red is the only triangle the show needs.


I loved Dan and Savannah..they had a very beautiful relationship, and I relate with her, I have always lived in the shadow of someone like Marti, and watching it on a TV show, I loved the relationship between Dan and Savannah, and I was happy to see that Dan and Marti were nothing more than friends...well...I think I was wrong
but, after all, I still believe in Davannah


do i want to see them together ? hell yes i do ! just don't want them to rush it...i do like marti with lewis too, so give them a chance before

Jennmo13 gg 3

hahaha oh Dan


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There is a scholarship for cheerleading? For being a football groupie?


You know what gets me through? Hope.