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Hellcats rebounded this week with “Back of a Car,” an episode filled with tension, jealousy, and emotion.

The focus was on the love rectangle that is Marti, Lewis, Dan, and Savannah. I know that any great friendship between a boy and girl has the possibility of underlying feelings, but I was hoping that Dan and Marti were past that. These two have great chemistry and they make great friends, but that's all I wish to see out of them.

I want them to be like Lucas and Haley were on One Tree Hill, caring deeply for one another, solely on a  platonic level.

Back to the 80s

The quick movement on Dan and Marti kind of blind sided me. Sure, there were mentions of them as a couple in the past, but there was no actual action.

Just last week, she was hard core hooking up with Lewis. In fact, in the beginning of this episode Marti was extremely happy sharing her bed with him, and now she is ready to cry about the Dan situation? Hopefully, this experiment is short-lived and we can go back to the fun awkwardness of Dan/Savannah (Davannah?). 

Side note:  Savannah running out of the hotel room barefoot was a little too dramatic. I started laughing almost immediately.

Meanwhile, this week finally did it for me. I am officially stepping down as the lead hater of Alice. I know she is opinionated and head strong, but usually it just pisses me off. Here, though, she proved why she is a necessity on this show. The girl is a leader who has no problem standing up for herself, while refusing to be taken advantage of. Having her own storyline is really working out and I am almost embarrassed to admit that I am looking forward to seeing more of her.

So the Spirit Party... kind of a let down. The decorations and costumes were awesome; it just felt like they could have done more with it. Although the montage of dress up was pretty enjoyable. The party did give Vanessa a chance to show off her body in that Tina Turner outfit, as well as her amazing voice. Since she sang “Tempted” I can’t seem to get it out of my head.

Hellcats offered up another good episode for their freshman season. There was no Vanessa/Derrick/Red drama tonight and I can’t say that I missed it. What about you? Are you excited for Marti and Dan?


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I have been a cheerleader for years and love it we get a lot of weirdo guys like saying and doing stuff or trying to do stuff a lot of times and 1st off I would never give anyone my well
"YA KNOW" or even my cheer stuff weirdo to get access to some costume room.....ewwww that's so way gross and not to mention some weirdo who would ask for "them" and 2nd for you to give it to him way gross unless maybe he's well anyway. I think its way gross why would some guy ask for that stuff and want to wear it. If he's normal and if he's not then I guess it would be kinda funny as long as he's not being a serious perv.....


this episode was great, and the last scene was hilarious. the slow mo of girls just want to have fun was amazing


Having you laptop stolen *is* a really big deal. Especially if you're a college student and have all your work on it. People have their bank information, credit cards, tax receipts, and all kinds of personal information on their laptops. So 1) identity theft, 2) loss of all homework, 3) replacement cost, and 4) y'know it could be that a mean scary man is trying to keep them away from a case - which is only important as a plot point, but reasons 1-3 are real-life scary.


I've always predicted that there will be something going on between Dan and Marti (it always does) but I thought it would've happen next season or even next, next season. It was very sudden to show their pairing. It just seemed off. And it's very cliche. Dan and Savannah are my favorite pairing because these two are opposites and I'd like to see them work out their relationship.


This show is really growing on me. It's the perfect pair for OTH. The subtle drama is amazing and I love the way they actually explore the characters. Ashley Tisdale is really versatile in her acting from HSM to Suite Life to this. She's come leaps and bounds!

Kimberly anne

I love Hellcats. I am a huge fan of Marti and Lewis. I do have to agree that it was very unsutble and too rush with the whole Dan/Marti's relationship. I don't like Dan at all. He's really annoying me. I don't see any chemistry between him and Marti so I hope nothing happens with them. I do agree that Dan and Marti should be the nest Haley and Lucas. I want the show to bring in Erin, Marti'slast boyfriend for two years or something. And she should not hook up with Morgan. That guy is ugly.


I agree with you guys, good episode. alice is warming up to me too and I hope Savannah and Dan stay together. Marti doesn't seem ready for a relationship. Oh, anyone else find that guy in the costume room (the one who gives them access to get a Hellcats skirt & top) hilarious? Haha, I loved him, I wonder if he'll come back on the show. LOVED this episode a lot! Chelsea

I adore chair

I don't want Marti and Dan together, I love Dan and Savannah they are so cute together and he seems like he really likes her and never intends on hurting her. I have a feeling Marti is the one that starts something with Dan, which is a shame because I really liked Marti/Savannah friendship


i really liked this episode i would really like if after the whole hotel thing savannah whent to a bar and got hit on and threatend by some ass but then this "bad boy character" steped in and helped her out and they would start talkin and get drunk and have sex ( but it would mean alot to BOTH of them) she would come home after 2 days after having mind blowin sex and .................. i havent figuerd out the rest but if this happened ( i no its very unlikely) i would be soo happy i also love alice and im not likin dan but i wanna see his story line pan out!! xoxo


Savanha/ Dan...YOUCK! but, Dan/Marti oh, baby they are HAWT....just like Venessa/Red....not a snooze-fest!!

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