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Hellcats rebounded this week with “Back of a Car,” an episode filled with tension, jealousy, and emotion.

The focus was on the love rectangle that is Marti, Lewis, Dan, and Savannah. I know that any great friendship between a boy and girl has the possibility of underlying feelings, but I was hoping that Dan and Marti were past that. These two have great chemistry and they make great friends, but that's all I wish to see out of them.

I want them to be like Lucas and Haley were on One Tree Hill, caring deeply for one another, solely on a  platonic level.

Back to the 80s

The quick movement on Dan and Marti kind of blind sided me. Sure, there were mentions of them as a couple in the past, but there was no actual action.

Just last week, she was hard core hooking up with Lewis. In fact, in the beginning of this episode Marti was extremely happy sharing her bed with him, and now she is ready to cry about the Dan situation? Hopefully, this experiment is short-lived and we can go back to the fun awkwardness of Dan/Savannah (Davannah?). 

Side note:  Savannah running out of the hotel room barefoot was a little too dramatic. I started laughing almost immediately.

Meanwhile, this week finally did it for me. I am officially stepping down as the lead hater of Alice. I know she is opinionated and head strong, but usually it just pisses me off. Here, though, she proved why she is a necessity on this show. The girl is a leader who has no problem standing up for herself, while refusing to be taken advantage of. Having her own storyline is really working out and I am almost embarrassed to admit that I am looking forward to seeing more of her.

So the Spirit Party... kind of a let down. The decorations and costumes were awesome; it just felt like they could have done more with it. Although the montage of dress up was pretty enjoyable. The party did give Vanessa a chance to show off her body in that Tina Turner outfit, as well as her amazing voice. Since she sang “Tempted” I can’t seem to get it out of my head.

Hellcats offered up another good episode for their freshman season. There was no Vanessa/Derrick/Red drama tonight and I can’t say that I missed it. What about you? Are you excited for Marti and Dan?


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LOL the scene with her running away barefoot in slow mo cracked me up too. Loved the costumes. Alice is also starting to grow on me. I'm distressed by the sudden Dan-Marti stuff! I love Lewis-Marti!! Not that I don't enjoy see Dan shirtless as much as I love Lewis shirtless (both = mancandy!) It's just, I really like seeing them as friends, and I feel like they'll lose that if they get together and it doesn't work out (and it so often works out that way with besties). Grrr...
Plus Lewis is adorable.


I really liked the drama of Savannah running out of the hotel. I also like the Marti and Dan pairing. I am interested in seeing what they are going to do with them. I like that Alice stood up for herself, she is a b**** but she does not put up with peoples crap. Love Lewis and Marti but very interested in Marti and Dan. Love this show gets better and better.


I actually did think about it being Marti's partner, and there's still some speculation in the back of my head about that. I also thought about the professor but, we don't have quite enough information about him to implicate him just yet :P


and if it was Marti's partner who stole her laptop? I mean he may have made up the story about his own computer to know where hers was and then steal it cause, let's face it the guy likes money so maybe he did it in exchange of money. Or maybe the law teacher did it cause he is part of it and though he wants the innocent guy out of jail (on procedural wrong), he doesn't want the truth... who knows after all lol


I liked this episode and agree with other posters: I'm warming up to Alice. Gotta love a girl that doesn't take $hit :) The laptops coming up missing WAS a big deal; it means that Marti and her partner (what IS his name?) stumbled onto something that has danger attached to it. Let's hope they do something exciting with that plotline. Dan/Marti/Savannah/Lewis--are we to believe that Dan just plays at being a player, now? Savannah, sadly, is a pretty on-target portrayal of a small segment of young women. I say 'sad' because they are living in a world where their thoughts are not in tune with the current reality. That means she's always going to be in for a rude awakening if she tries to form a relationship with someone who doesn't believe the same way she does. There's no real chemistry between Marti and Lewis (that I can see, anyway). However, I think there can be some serious smoke between her and Dan, given a chance. Dating best friends doesn't usually work out, though--it forever changes the dynamic between people, and you can never change it back :(


Really hated this episode. The part wasn't cool, the storylines were boring and contrived and I seriously couldn't stop laughing when someone stole their laptops like they were the most valuable thing ever. The only one I liked in this episode was Alice, she's annoying and a b*tch but at least she knows it and owns it.


I'm all excited for Dan and Marti. I was rotting for them as a couple straight from the beginning. Savannahs exit was a little much though I feel sorry for her. She's really naive though. Alice starts growing on me. We share the same underwear - something I've noticed btw :D Apart from that she impressed me by standing up for herself. Like how she's always confident about herself. She and Jake are a very interesting couple.


sleeping with your best friend, especially when it's the first time is okay and pretty much normal: why not trying something new with someone you know. The big problem I have about all this Marti/dan situation is that Dan said he loved his first. I think that's why Savannah freaked out, she could have handled the first time Marti/Dan thing but not if there's feelings involved cause she thinks that sex is related with love

Whipped by damon

I loved this latest Hellcat offering, not sure how I feel about the Marti-Dan situation, I had kind of been hoping their wasn't anything there but I am willing to see it play out! That saying that you never forget your first...kind of true!


Never was a huge fan of Marti and Lewis and as much as I like Dan and Savannah, totally excited to watch Marti and Dan play out.

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