Hellcats Review: Sexting and Shaking!

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Simply put, “Pledging My Love” was exactly what I was hoping for.

Hellcats viewers were treated to some great choreography, Alice in action and some hot hook-ups, even if they were mere fantasies.

This episode was directed by Debbie Allen, notably known for her work on Fame. She hit the spot and provided an hour full of excitement, including two sequences that might have been the two best scenes of dancing thus far.

Group Dance

The main arc focused on Alice and her naked pictures, which made their way around school after she had emailed them to Jake. It was nice to see another side to her; that behind the tough exterior is another girl who can be embarrassed and upset.

Alice comes off so strong, and even in a time of hurt, she was still able to prevail without much of a scratch. I have to hand it to Heather Hemmens, who plays this character flawlessly.

With the focus on Alice, we were provided the chance to see Jake and Lewis work together. We knew that these two were friends before and I thoroughly enjoyed the scenes with this trio. Alice is a lucky girl to have this pair protect her back.

Derrick and the Hellcats worked together to conjure up a dance routine so he could propose to Vanessa. Although this was completely heartfelt and fun to watch, I can’t help but wish she didn’t say yes so easily. Vanessa’s chemistry with Red is undeniable, including the tension they had after the close encounter of a kiss. Her dream sequence with Red was HOT and we need to see that actually happen.

Sometimes Savannah is a little too dramatic for my liking, but her slapping Dan across the face was perfect. Understandably, other storylines took the floor tonight, but there was no mention of Charlotte and her pregnancy. What’s the point of dropping a bomb shell like that and forgetting about it the next week?

This was a solid hour for our favorite cheerleaders. Although we didn’t see any actual cheerleading, we got some dancing and a spotlight on Alice. I'll take that any time. Review my favorite Hellcats quotes from "Pledging My Love" and sound off on it now!

Go, Alice!


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I watch this show for the Vanessa/Red storyline.I like the other storylines but they wounldn't be enough without Red and Vanessa. I want it to take a while since I like the cat and mouse game but in the end I want them to end up together.Plus that dream was amazing. I get how people would think the Dan/Marty thing is cliched(It really is) but I'm still not against it. It would be interesting to see where that goes. I can deal with cliches as long as Red and Venessa are there with their awesome chemisty to even out the show.


I think this is definitely one of the better episodes of Hellcats. Really enjoyed seeing them dance for Derrick's proposal. I know the show is really about cheerleading but it was great to see them dance in another element. I like seeing how Dan, Marti, and Vanessa are so confused about who they love and all but it's kind of anticlimactic that they're happening simultaneously. I kind of wish that they happened at different times so that more focus can be put on one. Although, I'm still unsure whether I want Vanessa with Derrick or with Red. And of course, I loved the whole focus on Alice in this episode. It was really great to see her vulnerability here and see her rising to be a better person in the end.


I am at the point where I am watching this show strictly for Vanessa/Red, Savanah, Alice and Lewis Marti and Dan are a giant bore and the entire law plot needs to end. The whole soulmates, bff who had sex once in the past is so over-done, and we don't need it on this show there is plenty of drama already happening and we have a triangle and a better one with more chemistry coming from Vanessa and Red then Dan and Marti could ever muster.


LOL to be honest... this show is MORE GLEE than GLEE loloolol


I hate Dan/Marti, I HATE HATE HATE boy/girl being bffs then 5 minutes later they discover that they're madly in love with each other. BORING AND CLICHED. I really don't care about the adult love triangle thing. ON another note, I'm actually really liking Alice


Dan/Marti suck


Unlike a lot of others (which surprises me to no end), I love Dan and Marti together. I actually really hated Dan and Savannah. You have to admit it came out of nowhere, and its great that Savannah is pulling Dan back to his roots and Dan is letting Sav break out of her shell...but the chemistry just isn't there. It really isn't.


Totally true. I really like Dan with Savannah. She brings the good in him and gives him balance. All this happened too quickly, we dont even know if the show really wants to match Dan with Marti or Savannah at the end. If it's Marti, I will puke all over my remote control.


"I am in love with Vanessa and Red and also Jake and Alice." I agree, thats the only reason I watch. The law plotline kills me, its done so horribly. What is sad is I actually liked Savannah better with her ex, she seemed more herself and honest.


The Marti's dream was latin hot!!! Olle como va mi ritmo bueno pa' gozar mulata!!! Nunca pensé que Marti sonara en español jajaja

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