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Marti and Morgan are busted by Julian for working on the Travis case. They are kicked off the case and Marti decides to drop the class after telling off Julian. He comes to see Marti and apologizes, stating that he still wants her on the case and will help however he can.

Naked pictures of Alice make their way around campus after a football player, Damien, steals Jake’s phone. Alice, Jake, and Lewis work together to confront him and get back the phone. Alice finds out Damien is gay and wants to out him, but the boys suggest that it is a bad idea and could ruin his potential career. Alice decides to make her own justice for Damien, preparing a schedule for him then promising to keep his secret.

Derrick works with Savannah to learn some dance moves to prep for his proposal to Vanessa. Derrick, along with backup from the Hellcats, performs a dance routine to Michael Jackson’s, “You Rock My World,” and proposes with Vanessa accepting. Red congratulates the couple. Vanessa has a dream that she hooks up with Red.

Dan and Marti talk about their situation, where they both admit that they are freaked out and do not want to hurt Savannah. Dan decides to break up with Savannah causing her to slap him across the face.

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It was a real treat to see Gale/Julian on screen for more then 1min. The epi itself was one of the better ones so far and I look foward to more Hellcats and more Gale Harold.


The scenes from the photos seem to be taken at the Oprheum Theatre in Downtown Vancouver, BC.

Hellcats Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

I understand the emotional pull of an underdog.


Strong, smart, independent women can sometimes do stupid things.