Off the Map: The First ABC Promo!

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Shonda Rhimes' new medical drama (this makes three) is coming in two months. Off the Map premieres Wednesday, January 12 on ABC, and we've got the first promo here!

The creator of Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice has taken her newest cast of doctors all the way to South America, where they'll be working to save those truly in need.

Off the Map stars Enrique Murciano, former Grey’s Anatomy doc Jason George, Caroline Dhavernas, Rachelle Lefevre, Zach Gilford and others. Here's your very first look ...

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The woman that Bailey's ex (sorry, dunno the name) is kissing was actually a guest star in grey's 1st season...remember the mexican couple, where the guy had a tumor, and his girlfriend put on a red dress cause Jorge or whoever the guy was really liked that color on her?
Caroline Dhavernas is simply FANTASTIC!!!! I totally loved her in "Wonderfalls", a great, sadly underrated TV series with only one season...guys, check it out, that girl is really funny!!!:) But honestly, I have to agree with those who are sceptic...why another medical drama? And even if shonda is only the exec prod, it still takes away time and attention from her two ongoing series, especially at the beginning...
and I totally agree with everyone who thinks that grey's suffered a serious quality-downfall when PP's just simply not that witty, fantastic, cleverly written as it was in the 3st 3 seasons....but I don't want to sound like a whiny brat, cuz I'm still watching it (it kinda became a force of habit).
Nevertheless, I have to admit that the cast of this new show looks pretty solid and promising.


People, people. Shonda Rhimes won't be the show runner or the head writer for "Off the Map" she is just the executive producer. She won't be as involve with it as she is with GA and PrP.


Here we go again. Greys started as a great show, but slipped, SERIOUSLY SLIPPED, when PP was put into production. So are we in for another dilution of effort into script / story lines?? Can't we have one great show, instead of 3 average ones?? BTW, why does shonda have to use the same actors in all of her shows, Very off putting.


This looks boring. It's almost the same format as GA & PP.


@Grey's fan.
I think one of the guys is Ben from Grey's. and i know that Rachelle Defevre or however its spelled :) played Victoria in Twilight.


Most of the cast look really familair but I can't tell where I've seen them from
Could someone help me out please ?
The show looks good too!


@ merderfan same thought!


Since Jason is gonna be on Off The Map I guess we won't be seeing any more Ben and Bailey on Grey's?

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