Olivia Wilde Confirms Return to House

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Amber Tamblyn debuts on House tonight. You can watch her in action in one of these clips.

But the presence of a new female on the diagnostic team doesn't mean we've seen the last of the previous female, as Olivia Wilde has confirmed her return to the Fox hit. This season.

“I am coming back to House. This season, as a matter of fact. It is a done deal,” the actress told Entertainment Weekly late last week. “I have been really lucky this year to be offered all these great film opportunities and I was also blessed to have a job in TV that really worked with me."

Patient Check-In

Wilde will next be seen on the big screen on Tron: Legacy. She's also completed filming on Cowboys & Aliens and is in the middle of The Change-Up, a comedy with Ryan Reynolds, Leslie Mann and Jason Bateman.

When Thirteen does come back to Princeton Plainsboro, "viewers will find out where she went and why she left," Wilde says, adding:

“I think it is an interesting progression for her.... She has Huntington’s. She had a brain tumor and went blind. She had a bad breakup. She’s sexually ambiguous. She had problems with drugs. I thought, `What else can (creator) David Shore possibly come up with?’ They had to take it to a whole new level. They are really taking some big risks this year, which is exciting.”

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my Grandpa Mom and me all have huntingtons which has taken their lives and it was great to see Dr 13 bring awarenbess to this horrible disease


I can't wait! I hope she'll be back soon...


Yes! Can't wait to have her back, she's soo awesome :D
I hope there's no more ForeTeen when she comes back, she should be with a girl, IMAO.
I don't care much for the other characters, except House, he's brilliant. Olivia rules!!


I have stopped watching house since olivia left, she was the only reason i watched it....and now that shes coming back i can watch it again :)


Sorry ! Yeap, she and Laurie, ARE the reason...


Yeap, she and Laurie is the reason I watch that show ! Glad she's coming back ;-)


i miss thirteen!! can't wait to see her again!


I love Thirteen. It really breaks my heart to watch House without her. In a way I was glad they didn't hire a female doctor right after she left. Good luck to Amber, but I still want Olivia to return asap.


The change up sounds good (:


The WORST storyline that David friggin Shore ever came up with is giving 13 Huningtons... I can c why she was given the disease, but it is a waste of talent on the part of 13. She is a great actress and I love her role. The personality of 13 is so refeshing and dfferent than Cameron who I felt was way too whiney and a real goodey two shoes! I am sure that whatever happens Olivia Wilde will act it out brilliantly!!!!

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