Parenthood Review: "Put Yourself Out There"

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There is no bigger fan of Parenthood than me.  As a scribe myself, I can tell you that the writers for this show are top notch.

Each episode has themes, a strong character arc, beautiful and hilarious dialogue and well-rounded characters.  Such a history leads me to believe the writers were on vacation this week... because "Put Yourself Out There" had to have been flattest episode of Parenthood I have ever seen. 

Men in the Kitchen

This was a Camille, Zeek and Sarah centered-installment, which, did nothing for me. Nothing much happened, no plot was advanced, no drama was created or avoided, and it was just sort of boring. Let's go over what each character was up to:

Adam:  Perhaps the reason the episode felt so empty was because Adam was only in one scene.  He stopped by to convince Amber to meet with someone from Berkeley.  I am a huge fan of Peter Krause, I still believe the character he played on
Six Feet Under, Nate, was the best written male character on television in decades.  And he is just as good on this show.  He is the center, the apex, the heart of the Braverman family - so, please, give us more of him!

Crosby:  Right behind Adam in importance is Crosby.  He provides the foil for the straight man, Adam.  Usually all of my favorite quotes come from either Adam or Crosby.  He was also barely seen.

Sarah: I know, I know, she’s a main character.  And believe it or not, she was actually tolerable tonight.  She's at her best when she's mothering Amber, a bright young woman who brings out Sarah’s strength and maturity.

Julia:  Must still be on vacation with the writers.

Zeek and Camille: I was thrilled to see a crack in this seemingly perfect reconciliation.  If you’ve ever been in an unfaithful relationship, you know that trust is not rebuilt over night.  It was good to see Zeek finally lash out at this Matthew character.  Knowing what we do about Zeek, I thought it was totally in character and probably the only thing that made sense in the whole episode.

Christina: She is becoming a woman obsessed with leveling the playing field for her son.  As a parent, I understand completely the desire to be an advocate for her son, but practically bullying another mother into making her daughter invite Max to a birthday party was the complete wrong approach.  Sometimes the most important lesson you can teach your kids is how to overcome problems on their own.  Max needs to know that if difficulty comes his way, he can handle it.  Besides, he didn’t seem nearly as upset as Christina was about the invitation.

And now, the big moment:  This week’s Tearjerker Scene of the Night. Drum roll...

Slim pickings, but I would have to say the scene where Amber begins to cry about messing everything up in her life, along with Adam’s touching pep talk in response. On the tearjerker scale?  2.0 out of 5.0 tears.  Sadly, I didn’t even need a tissue.


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The Camille character was wrong, wrong, wrong to disregard her husband's feelings and request that she not interact with a former lover. Zeke admitted the idea of her taking the class caused him hurt. Why would anyone, who professed to love someone else WANT to do anything that made s"omeone she loves feel bad? Why? This is why our divorce rates are so high because we are all raised thinking we have a RIGHT to be included on the guestlist and when exercising our "Rights" causes loved ones pain, we plow "right" ahead. How is a desire to take a hobbyist class important enough to cause your husband hurt and humiliation? What is worth hurting the one you love?


I forgot to mention how much I'm enjoying the Haddie-Alex relationship.The actors have great chemistry so it makes their scenes that much better but I think the writers are playing it out beautifully.


I totally disagree with you. After I watched this episode I was just left with the feeling of "I love this show". The scene where Amber was thanking her mom for getting her the interview was so beautifully done, for some reason that scene really touched me. This was one of my favorite episodes of the season. Nicely written and wonderful acting. Though, Christina does bug the hell out of me. Adam can do better.


This was a great episode of one of favorite shows. I, too tought that the set back in Camille and Zeke's reconciliation was closer to reality. Infidelity by both spouses is an extremely difficult crisis for any relationship to overcome. However, as for the comment that it was good to see Camille confront Zeke on what she wants/expects from him, I think the situation has to be looked at from both sides. Should Zeke have confronted Camille's former lover? Well, probably not, or at least not in the way he did. It had nothing to do with not trusting his wife. We are not talking about some old flame that Camille dated before she married Zeke. The wound was still fresh and Camille even said she understood how Zeke felt. But she took the class anyway. She CHOSE to spend time around a man she slept with only a few months earlier. That must have been incredibly painful for Zeke and not because he thought his wife would cheat on him again. It was that fact that she placed more importance on taking that class than the pain she knew it would cause her husband to do so. I think it was simply too soon to subject him to that. If the situation had been reversed, it would have been interesting to know how Camille would have reacted. My guess is probabaly not much differently than Zeke. Now as for the confrontation Zeek had with the teacher, jealousy can make you more than a little crazy. If Zeke had just told the guy calmly that he trusts his wife, but that he had no reason to trust him and that he was expecting him to keep it very professional when teaching his wife. And also say that if he heard that he did not, there would be consequences. That might have been okay. Then when confronted by Camille later, Zeek used the words "what's mine" in referring to Camille - and that was a big mistake. I don't think he meant it quite as badly as it sounded, but given the kind of relationship problems they were having, it was the last thing he should have said. Overall, I think Zeke has really been trying and it would be too bad if this incident put he and Camille back to square one.


this was one of my favorite episodes so far of the season, so many of the scenes were heartfelt and realistic.


I would agree if eight children were invited out of the whole classroom. It is not nice to leave just 3 children out. All the kids will be talking about the party before and after and three little kids will surely feel very left out. I taught second grade for thirty years and I know how hard it is on the ones who feel left out. It was terrible when invitations were passed out in school. This is no longer done in our school system.


Actually I loved this episode but I'm a big Sarah fan. In fact there was not enough Sarah for me. Also I like how they show Camille: she needs to confront Zeek more often and really get what she wants. On the other hand, Cristina is totally turning into a stupid mother: what's the point in parents getting into who's invited or not to bday party (it's just a kid's bday and they are 8), that's absolutely not realistic for me.

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