Renée Felice Smith Promoted to NCIS: Los Angeles Regular

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Renee Felice Smith, who began playing perky, lovable intelligence analyst Nell Jones early this season, is now a series regular on NCIS: Los Angeles.

"Renee is an exciting and fun addition to the cast," Executive Producer Shane Brennan said.

"Like the character she plays, Renee is adorable, fearless and an absolute joy to work with. We're delighted to have her on the NCIS: Los Angeles team."

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The second-year series has really hit its stride this year, with Smith and fellow new regular Eric Christian Olsen (Deeks) playing important roles in the characters' dynamics.

The on-screen chemistry of Callen (Chris O'Donnell) and Sam (LL Cool J) has always been strong, while Hetty (Linda Hunt) endeared herself to the audience from day one.

Thanks to Deeks' partnering with Kensi (Daniela Ruah) and Nell's banter with Eric (Barrett Foa), the show is developing some great relationships to compliment its action.

It's unclear if the plot lines of Dom and Nate were planned from the beginning, but regardless, you can't go wrong with more Nell. Congrats to Renee on her promotion.

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I HATE Nell !! Nell really grates on my nerves. She is so annoying that it makes it hard for me to continue to watch the show. She is the only person on the show that I don't like. The others all make a great team and a great show :) They should get rid of Nell, she is not necessary, and only brings the show down. Nell does NOT fit well with the rest of the cast! They need to remove Nell from the show.


Jealous much????


I cannot stand Nell! She is so annoying and the writers are trying to hard to convince us she is so wonderful. I used to like this show but now every week it's just more nerd love between Nell and Eric or Nell and Nate or Nell and whatever geek of the week they have. And to have them hinting that she is being groomed to b the new Hetty is just insulting. Please get rid of her before her underwear starts showing up in ops (a la the Jimmy Palmer/Agent Lee lust affair on NCIS)


Miss RFS is an absolute joy to watch on NCIS and in no way deserves some of the negative comments posted here.She may look young for a top analyst but that doesn't mean she couldn't be one.I've had the pleasure and honour of working with some brilliant young people in my time.Miss Smith is, just as Miss Rhua, doing an outstanding job as the young feisty analyst and it's hard to believe it's her first mainstream acting role.NCIS have very high standards to uphold both with their storylines and the actors who play key charecters in the series.If she was my daughter I'd be very proud of what shes achieved so far.


Nell could be ABOVE VANCE - wouldn't it be cool if she were working for Vance's boss; with a higher clearance & "real title" than Vance (Under Secretary?) Some characters have intimidated other team members, but nobody has done that to Nell; maybe NOW the reason will be made clear. Would I marry RFS? If I wasn't already married & old enough to be her big brother; yes! There is "adorable;" & there is BEYOND ADORABLE - RFS falls into the latter category! Did she grate on my nerves initially? Yes! But, since then she has grown on me like a prized wart - you love to show it off, & you never want to get rid of it! I will BET MY LAST DOLLAR she will be STOLEN AWAY from NCISLA, if she is not kept happy & challenged! I would hire her in a heartbeat! She only will fit certain roles but still, her performances & tenacity outshine her diminutive stature. She is fearless; plays Nell as written & yet, with her own twists & flair. Long live Nell Jones! Long live Renee Felice Smith!


I used to miss an episodes but, with Nell, I *NEVER* miss! I love the mystery that she has an even higher IQ than Eric! They are playing Eric + Nell & Eric vs. Nell too cutesy. Clearly, she could be a PLANT - she is secretly there to maybe take Hetty's place - because she is a high-level operative - and a lot of her background still is a mystery - which makes for great TV. New guy over Hetty - I *HATE* his character. HE is 'pointless.' We need an episode where Hetty tries to save his b#tt; but he gets killed anyway. Then Hetty gets promoted to just under Vance - and, suprise, NELL gets Hetty's job, which she has been groomed for since the very beginning - unbeknownst to the rest of the team. Clearly, Nell & Hetty have shared info that none of the others have been fully aware of. Wouldn't it be even MORE cool if NELL is the one to "take down" the new Dragnet boss-man?! And, besides, Hetty & Nell are "the same height," which is now a requirement for Hetty's replacement (LOL).




I just started watching this show, ( my wife has been a long time fan ), and like the person that Renee is and the character that she plays. Personally, I believe Renee adds both some much needed 'balance' and 'contrast', ( just like here love/hate reviews in this blog ), to an otherwise 'predictable' weekly TV series. Just my two cents, ( for what it is worth ), at this hour. Good Job Renee, keep up the good work!!! Happy Holidays....... Bruce


bring back eric. renny is to young for this. im not wathcing it anymore


wow. love those 'stomping' great performances. somebody must have brought a real bag full to that show to bad it was somebody else's bag