Smallville Preview: Welcome Back, Lionel Luthor

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As detailed in our review of "Patriot," the pieces of Smallville's final season puzzle are aligning.

And while the show takes this Friday off in honor of Thanksgiving, it will return in a major way on December 3: with an episode that features the return of John Glover as Lionel Luthor, along with a trip to an alternate universe.

The latter development will result from a Kryptonian box discovered by Tess. Once Clark accidentally activates it, he'll be taken to a parallel dimension where Lionel is the one who found him in the cornfields as a child.

What else is amiss about this place? Clark Luthor is a murderer and Lois is engaged to Oliver. Watch the preview above to see more of what's in store on "Luthor."

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I agree, my first thought at seeing this was, wow "Clark Luthor" sounds horible, no one in their right mind would name someone that. But atleast it looks more interesting than the alternate universe episode where he spent half the time in an assylum. Gosh This show has done ant alternate universe episode like every year since atleat the sixth season.


One thing I really don't like is the fact that Clark is still called Clark. Clark was given his first name after Martha's last name, so if the Kents never found him, he wouldn't be called Clark. They should have given him a completely different name..
Something with an L..

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