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Now THAT was the episode I've been looking for from what has been a mostly lackluster third season of Sons of Anarchy. "Fírinne" had entertaining stories, both in Charming and abroad, it answered some of my questions, and major consequences rippled throughout.

Over in Ireland there was major fallout from the O'Neill/Jimmy bombing, things heated up between Gemma and Mo, Jax and Trinity finally got down and dirty with some incest, and Jackson realized that baby Abel might be better off staying in Belfast.

A Son of Anarchy

Let's begin with a couple of back to back scenes that were two of my favorites of the season, and maybe the series so far. Once SAMCRO was finished watching and videotaping Liam get tortured to no end, Jax continued his streak of being hard as sh*t and put O'Neill out of his misery with a couple of quick bullets.

The boys' plan to trap Jimmy and his crew inside the building and set it on fire was great, but what if Mr. O'Phelan had gotten stuck in there and burned up like that one dude did? What kind of a plan would that have been Jackson? Pretty lazy story telling, but at the end of the day the Sons got their hands on Jimmy O and we got to one of the scenes I am talking about.

The rooftop shootout scene was great for so many reasons. Since we first got to Belfast this is what we had been waiting for. A showdown between SAMCRO and Jimmy's IRA faction. I mean you had studs like Chibs and Opie just standing straight up and firing their guns at people, you had some dudes ducking for cover, and then you had McGee popping out from nowhere to join in on the action. 

What was so great about McGee's moment is that no one really knew what his intentions were at that point. Even the old man himself was yelling and shooting at Jimmy, but isn't that whose side he should have been on? Amidst all of the confusion Jimmy got away as Jax chased after him.

With Jimmy gone and McGee now trying to escape, we came to second of the fantastic back to back scenes. With McGee trying to escape down the ladder down the side of the building, old man Clay Morrow caught up with him. The anticipation of this entire scene was hard to handle. McGee was First 9! A founding member! I kept wondering, "can they actually kill this man?!?" 

Well in a chilling moment, Clay simply asked for his cut, gave him a kiss on the cheek and gently pushed him off the building to his death. I was absolutely speechless. 

The deaths of Liam and McGee were exactly the shake up that I needed to see in order to say this show was making some major moves. These may have been characters we just met this season, but it's been eight episodes or so, and they were members of the Sons.

I don't care if you've gone rogue or not, killing a fellow Son is a huge deal.

Finally! Finally Gemma and Mo got all up in each others faces about this John Teller business. There was way too much tension between these two ladies for them not to come to blows at some point. Between Mo telling Gemma John needed to come to Ireland for some loving, and Gemma calling Mo a whore, I was surprised a few punches were not thrown. It's a good thing their children shacking up in the room next door put a stop to the fight.

YESSS! This was the moment we were all waiting for right? Jax and Trinity having a late night smooch sesh? I literally couldn't stop laughing out loud as the half brother and sister were sucking face. This is what all of you get, especially you Gemma, for not putting an immediate stop to this. Even after Gemma and Mo walk in on the two youngsters getting ready to do the deed, they still didn't immediately think to stop it. 

What is wrong with them? The truth is not that big of a deal to tell them, especially since Jax's reaction to it is exactly as I predicted it would be. As Gemma told him that his dad cheated on her and had a kid with Mo, Jax pretty much said, "Cool story Hansel." The only bad part about JT having a kid with Mo to Jax was that Gemma waited so long to tell him about it.

Let's have a round of applause for those of us that predicted that Kellen keeping Abel from Jax time after time would actually make sense in the end. I should have had more faith, because I credited it to just wanting to make Jax chase and chase again for his baby. It all worked for me. Kellen had a great respect for John Teller, and this was his way of showing it.

He couldn't protect Jax from the lifestyle, so he's going to try and protect Abel. But now with this in his head, does Jax still want to bring his kid back home? Or does he agree that Abel would be better off with a nice Irish family? 

Meanwhile, back in Charming, we also had a nice plot that brought together Tara's story with that of Tig, Piney and Kozik. I'm all for a good kidnapping, but the way the three Sons went about it was just awesome, and having Kozik basically seal the deal with Alvarez was a great way to show his worth to the club.  Without a doubt, Tig will begin to soften on him, and by next season Kozik will become a member.

After a couple of disappointing episodes in Belfast, "Fírinne" brought Sons of Anarchy right back where it belongs as must see TV. I'm really looking forward to the final three episodes of the season, how about you?


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Yep, torture scene was way over the top and so unnecessary. Doesn't Kurt Sutter his child to be proud of him, too? lol. Seriously, I am a reluctant fan of this show, glad that something came along after the Sopranos which played to the same formula.. However, the scene where Clay did the slow build up to the roof toss was almost silly and pretty predictable too..let's see, one episode and one torture, one flambe, one roof-toss, and two women being tortured by a man and a woman..can't we all just get along? And I need to know why the heck I keep watching!!!


no matter what way you look at it, it's the best show. the only problem it doesn't last long enough. love SOA!!!!!!!!!!!


I'm glad to find out I wasn't the only one who thought these Ire episodes were dragging. Remember, they went to BRING ABEL HOME?
That has seemed to be waaay secondary to dealing w/ SOA/No. Ire and this lame IRA line. Hasn't Sutter heard about all the peace talks and the piss that has taken out of the real IRA? While there is still an "All Ire United" sentiment, there is not the political heft to the IRA that there was, say in the 1980's post-hunger-striker era. So this plot line has been a stretch for me all along. GET THE BABY! Now we're to believe that Jax wants to abandon his only son in Northern Ireland, so his kid can grow up to join the IRA, or whatever rebel group there will be in the future? This is too outta charater for me. Get this kid and go home to sunny Cali, where you can get into all sorts of trouble. I wonder if Sutter feels like he's already exhausted the most engagning and likely at-home plot lines? Let the characters speak, man. Why not a real domestic settling down for Jax and Tara, and see where that really goes?


I agree about the season being way to short. The story line had been slow but sometimes you have to have a good build up for an explosive end. I think the torture was a little over the top, I really had a hard time watching. My first comment to my husband at the end of the show was that Jax is right back to where he started in the begining of season 2. Unsure of the way of the club and his part in it. Father Kellen hit a nerve with the "if you love you son, you'll let him have a better life" speach. I had predicted Tara pregnancy like the first or second week of the season, now I am thinking that nice swift kick to the belly may have saved her the time (and money)of going to the clinic.


a little correction... Clay did not kiss McGee on the cheek... that was flat out a man to man lip smacker!!! I've been on the edge of my seat yelling NO since Jax first put his arm around Trinity. My fav line was "I almost shagged my brother, do you know how humiliating that is" I was a tad disappoint in Cherry, though. She knew something was up since she found that money and heard the hustle and bustle about SAMCRO coming to Belfast. I did like that Tara stopped the kick for her baby. She really doesn't want to give the baby up if she is protecting it. But will her talk about the tat with her super haunt her in a possible reunion with Jax? I can see that they won' t be heading back home until that last episode... they ended that last season with Abel on a boat to who knows where... I'm sure this will be another cliff hanger that has us all waiting for that first commercial with previews of a new season that will still be months away... next tue can't come soon enough! Jax better not let that baby go! If he is thinking of leaving him behind for a better life what will he do when he finds out another baby is on the way?


this episode was great bout time yah its been draggin but we finally got some solid action ,when jax nailed oneill on the bike and they did that medievil torture to him AWESOME. and poor mcgee clay havin to throw him off the building , thats what im talkin bout?
jax and trinity almost doin the nasty well that was a tad yukk
an now jax may leavs his boy there NO WAY thats the whole reason for goin there to belfast . jax better stop thinkin that the little boy is better off being adopted , and not with his read dad. thats all i got to say ill be watchin next week ,
thank you an have a good day


My favourite part of last night's episode was watching Father Ashby fling Jax across the desk - LOL. I wasn't expecting it and that's why it was sooooo funny. On another note i could of done without watching jax behaving like a man-hoe. God, does he have to bang everything that walks. I felt like scratching my eyes out after seeing him make out with his half sister - gross!!

Whipped by damon

I agree, I have not really been disappointed with this season because this slow tension simmer has kept me on edge the whole time and in this episode some of that finally got let out..which is always good! I just love the SOA and I hope Jax goes and rescues Abel and then figures out a way for his life to become something his son can emulate! On a different note, boy was I cringing when the half siblings started getting it on! I foresee one more death of a Son when the boys go all guns blazing to rescue Abel and hightail out of Ireland!


I have not been disappointed with this season at all. Every episode leaves me screaming for more, and every tuesday I am counting down till 10:00. Some episodes have been alittle slower than others but its all about the story telling and there is more to SAMCRO than just shooting and riding. I am enjoying everything this season and although this is a show you have to be patient with because nothing is going to get resolved in just a few episodes I don't mind. Because like the past two season SONS never disappoints. The only thing about this show that is disappointing to me is that there are only 13 episodes! I will be glad when the Sons are back in charming though. I have a feeling that Tara will not be rescued till then. Tig, Piney and the new guy look alittle over there head.


Though it was a good episode, I'm still not convinced with this season.
It was TEN weeks with episodes that could have been condensed in 3 (4 max). The huge problem with this season is that there's no real "surprises".
Since the premiere, we basically knew how things were going to play out (McGee the traitor, the bad-not-so-bad priest, the hidden half sister).
We should have discovered this with Jax &co, but no, in each episode we just wait to see how the character are going to react to stuffs we learned weeks ago. And this is just boring.

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