The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest 34

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For this edition of The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest, readers have fun coming up with what concoction Stefan was drinking.

He's a vampire, after all. No way could it be tea.

Many of the entries made us laugh, but "Michelle" has been chosen as the winner (submission below). Thanks so much to all who participated and remember to do so every week!


Ahhh, nothing better then a nice steaming cup of bunny in the morning.

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Sexy Beast Award 2011: in the bag.


Stefan: staring at Caroline's boobs
Caroline: blah blah blah
Stefan: still staring at Caroline's boobs and nodding like I'm listening
Caroline: ...are you staring at my boobs?
Stefan: Huh ?
Caroline:Dude you really have to get laid


caroline really is a sexy vamp! can't stop looking at her!


Lets see, Cool hair that doesn't look like i spend three hours to do CHECK... cool clothes CHECK, Hot ass girl friend CHECK... so what does Edward have that I dont? ( takes zip of tea...) OH MAN REAL VAMPIRES DONT DRINK TEA... WHERE DO I GET ME SOME GLITTER!


Stephon: Damb it ... i was this was blood and not tea.... WHAT KIND OF VAMPIRE DRINKS TEA? I BET EDWARD DOSENT DRINK TEA ...


Alright who slipped me a roofy? When will these overly horny girls learn those don't work on the dead.


now; why is it that every one finds Damon hotter?? might it it be that i whine more than Elena???


Caroline, werewolf-vampire relationship advice is not really my cup of tea. Excuse the pun.


Yes that's right Caroline, real men drink tea.


Stephen: (Thinking) So now that I'm not dating Elena I have alot of options that I can do with my life. Maybe I could die my hair blonde or become a golfer or really look at who I am as a person or vampire or whatever the hell I am... oh who am I kidding? I need her back!

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