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The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest 34

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For this edition of The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest, readers have fun coming up with what concoction Stefan was drinking.

He's a vampire, after all. No way could it be tea.

Many of the entries made us laugh, but "Michelle" has been chosen as the winner (submission below). Thanks so much to all who participated and remember to do so every week!


Ahhh, nothing better then a nice steaming cup of bunny in the morning.

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stefan: *thinking to self* ok this is crap this dumb blond needs to shutup & tell me where elena is already, clearly I don't care about her 'feelings'
caroline: *goes on about her salad and blood cravings*
stefan: *still thinking to self* again... this is crap, I should be comforting elena after a near death experience while damon sits and watches after he's the one that really saved her. he gets the job done and I get pussy, that's what I call a tag team....




Oh waiter, could you warm this up for me a little bit? (Chuckles) I hate cold blood.


*pretends to listen with interested expression* mhmm... Yes that's very interesting, go on..... *continues pretending to listen* *thinks to self: I wonder where Elena is* yes go on, oh wow, really? *thinks to self: ugh this chick seriously needs to shutup, I'm never gonna finish this stupid coffee*
*thinks to self: why am I drinking this crap? But more importantly why am I listening to this idiot? I should be pretending to save Elena while Damon does all the dirty work*


Hmmm.... she never asks for a second cup of blood at home.....


Oh Caroline~ You will never be Lexi...


The best part of waking up is plasma in your cup.♫♪♬ Oh how I long for folgers!! Damn it!!!


intersting intersting do you think they would care if I asked for some blood with this??


I love this bar...:0) Tea yum....its whats for breakfast Is this girl ever gonna...................share her salad with me im hungry and it looks soooo good I wonder if caroline would like to go see the movie Vampires Suck with me i heard it sucks Got True Blood and Twilight on the DVR at home ahhh... this is the life


Elena...Elena...Elena....Oh, supposed to be listening to...oh, Elena!