The Vampire Diaries Round Table: "Katerina"

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Katherine came across like an evil chef on this week's episode of The Vampire Diaries, relaying to Elena just what ingredients she needs in order to placate the world's most powerful blood sucker.

Yikes, huh?

With so much insight into this character's background, and so many ways in which it affects the present, our staff had a lot to discuss in this edition of The Vampire Diaries Round Table. We invite readers to chime in on the following topics...

What was your favorite quote/scene from the episode?
Matt R: Probably the sight of Katherine hanging herself. I had never considered one turning into a vampire via suicide in such a manner, but it made it clear just how manipulative and selfish Katherine can be, as the fact that she used Trevor and Rose came to light in that moment.

Steve M: I could choose any one of Ian Somerhalder's line delivers, but I loved this quote: "If you're setting me up in anyway, I will rip your heart out and shove it own your throat. Something I'm very good at."

Gabrielle C: I really loved the ending of this episode. We got to see the soft side of Katherine while she looked at the picture of her parents. She was always selfish, as her quasi motto states ("Better you die than I"),  but she obviously possessed a soft side at some point.


Do you believe everything Katherine shared?
Matt R: Yes, because I have faith in the show's writers and producers. It's fine to paint this character as a liar, but at some point, she has to be truly coming clean or else viewers will just tune everything she says out. The folks behind the series are likely aware of this and chose this episode to have Katherine finally reveal her evil hand.

Steve M: What reason would she have to be lying about wanting to college Elena, Tyler and company? I can't see any advantage this suppose lie would give her, so I'll assume it's the truth.

Gabrielle C: I want to... but nothing adds up. In the season premiere, she turned Caroline and gave Stefan/Damon a message: "Game on." She then used Caroline as a minion. Now, all of the sudden, Caroline was changed so she could be used as the vampire to be sacrificed. Seems like Katherine will say anything.

Is Luka working with his father?
Matt R: Definitely. It's a good warlock/bad warlock thing. The father gets too forward, the son apologizes, earns Bonnie's trust and then... I have no idea. Afraid to see what will happen from there.

Steve M: Because I don't know, I'll answer this question with one of my own: does Elijah really need a witch, as he had Slater call and claim to Rose? Can a warlock not be used to break the curse? Might he be deceiving Dr. Martin in some way himself in order to eventually use him as part of a spell? Okay, I guess that was three questions.

Gabrielle C: I don't think so. I doubt he knows anything about what his father is up to.

Which was the most impressive Nina Dobrev portrayal: as Katherine in 1490, Katherine in 1492, Katherine in present day or Elena in present day?
Matt R: We only got a brief glimpse of it, but Katherine in 1492. Think about it: the actress was playing the doppleganger of her current character, who was pretending to be British. That's like a copy of a copy of a copy. My head hurts.

Steve M: A tie between both present day versions. Why? Because so much of the episode was spent with Elena speaking ti Katherine and vice versa. This means Dobrev was often acting opposite a green screen, and doing an amazing job at it.

Gabrielle C: Katherine in 1490. Excellent acting by her in all four portrayals, but in the 1490 flashback she really looked heartbroken, and it was great to see Nina speak in her native language!

What actor should play Klaus?
Matt R: I made this joke in my review, so I think I still need to go with Mel Gibson. What creature would not be scared of him at this point?!?

Steve M: Charlie Sheen. Give Klaus some drugs and swipe his expensive watch and viewers will see an ancient vampire on a serious rampage!

Gabrielle C: I'd love to see Chace Crawford join this cast. I'm sure he could do evil well.

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Would love if Klaus is Zachary Quinto from Heroes. Or Julian Mcmahon from Charmed and Nip/Tuck.
Hey, did i missed Katerina's father dead body when she saw them killed?
Oh, and by the way, it would be really nice if the show had a 3rd season, where they fight the original werewolf.


Klaus could be...SPIKE!! James Marsters isn't doing anything atm, is he?


Jackson Rathbone should play Klaus.......actually maybe Julian Mcmahon (Cole Turner in Charmed).


Hey! Where are M.L House, L.J Gibbs and all? Did you guys change your names AGAIN? I'm also wondering if it's any of you out there at all since we have whole heartedly agreed that Chace Crawford has a singular facial expression. Not that he isn't very pretty. Lol.
I liked Katherines barefooted entrance in the begining-Damn she looked good in tyT cocktail dress and I really liked her crying over her mothers shoulder. Very endearing sonehow. Didn't know the evil phycotic bitch had it in her.
No word about the Damon/ Rose hook up? I'm surprised. I mean, personally I knew it was gonna happen as soon as she sauntered in wearing that lacy black thing and I LOVE Damon and last weeks episode had me crying like a crazy person when I have never cried over a tv show in my life- so I am glad he's finally getting some- attention? Well-deserved praise? Love intrest? Call it what you like but he needed someone to understand him but was it just me or did that making out have zilch chemistry? Damon smirking tauntingly at Jeremy is attractive. I wonder what was up with that.
Also Stefan and Caroline were cute (awws over the mention of Lexi). Katherines revelations make sense and I believe her. But there is a secret twist SOMEWHERE in her story. That I believe too.
All in all, a little slow; a little sad for Delena fans and a little frustrating because- Hello? Are you kidding me?I can't wait for three weeks. Do you want me to lose my mind? But still, I loved it. Hey M.L House? You there? If you and the gang leaves I'm gonna boycott my most favorite website. I mean it!


The song, "Luka," by Suzanne Vega keeps playing in my head now :( Nina was outstanding--let's hope she can get something more than an MTV or People award this year!! Her plaintive, 'mama,' broke my heart in the Bulgarian flashback. Damon and Rose. No. Just no. Please. ...and poor Jeremy. Upstaged by a warlock! He's gonna wanna be supernatural too, now!


oh my god..i am bulgarian and i enjoyed this episode SO MUCH!!and yes shes bulgarian but for someone who has lived their entire life across the ocean her bulgarian is reeeeeeeally good :) cant say the same bout my english though( i think...) :D


1. I would have to go with Katherine when she said that when Klaus come, she will be the only one alive because no vampire will want to go in that tomb if they cannot get out.
2. I do not necessary believe everything she said, she is hiding something.
3. I do not think Luka is working with his father.
4. Katherine in 1492.
5. I do not know, as long as he looks more dangerous than Elijah and hot, because the only hot vampires for me right now is Elijah and Damon.


Do u think there is an "original" werewolf ?


I would like Ed Westwick to play Klaus! He would be amazing!!!!!!!


chace crawford? but he can't act..
Ed Westwick is better choice I'm suprised no one brought up the damon/rose hook up
ugh.. hated that

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