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Elena approached a tomb-trapped Katherine this week in order to learn about her history and Elena's role in it. Using blood to bribe her, and bringing along a book about the Petrovas, Elena got Katherine to talk. This is what we learned:

- In Bulgaria in 1490, Katherine gave birth to a daughter. Her disappointed family immediately took the child away from her and banished Katherine. She ended up in England.

- In 1492, she got close to someone named Klaus, before learning he was a vampire and also learning he wanted to kill her because she's a Petrova doppleganger and her blood can help break the sun and moon curse. Katherine befriended another vampire named Trevor, who helped her escape, telling her to go to his friend Rose's house.

- Rose welcomed Katherine in, but then locked her in a room and planned on giving her to Klaus because she feared his wrath. But when Katherine stabbed herself because she claimed she'd rather die on her own than be sacrificed, Rose gave her blood to keep her alive. From there, Trevor arrived, Rose left the room - and Katherine hung herself, well aware it would turn her into a vampire.

- This was her plan all along, as Klaus needed a human doppleganger to sacrifice. Katherine proceeded to leave Rose's place, which is what led to Rose and Trevor being on the run, for helping her in the first place. Katherine has also been on the run this whole time, but returned to Mystic Falls because she wanted to finally strike a deal with Klaus. She was willing to gather all he needed to break the curse - a doppleganger, a vampire, a werewolf, a witch and the moonstone, which she possess in the tomb - in order to hand them over and finally be free.


- Damon bonded with Rose, who explained how she found Elijah: via a contact in Richmond. Off they went to a special vampire coffee shop with double-paned windows and that's where they met Slater. He had spent eternity getting degrees and seemed like a helpful guy. But before he could reveal too much, Elijah showed up outside and broke through the unique window. All the vampire fled, with Damon pulling Rose to safety.

- Late in the episode, he and Rose slept together.


- Bonnie befriended a new student named Luka, much to Jeremy's flirtatious chagrin. He introduced her to his father, Dr. Jonas Martin, who quickly asked if she had relatives in Salem. The reason, Luka later explained? They were warlocks and his dad just wanted to feel her out.

- But there's more to it: the episode concluded with Slater calling Rose and telling her and Damon they could make it so that neither werewolves nor vampires ever broke the curse. But they'd need a witch and they'd need the moonstone. After he hung up, we learned that Elijah compelled him to make the call... and then to stake himself. Pan out, and we also see Dr. Martin come into the room behind Elijah. These two are working together.

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David and sabrina 2014

As always , I thought of this episode being another 3.5 from start to finish. We all know that Rose and other vampires are planning to break the curse but oh wow to see Rose fall in love with Damon. New people come in the show and it's strange to see all of them acting in a strange way compared to what Elijah thinks. It was also weird to learn about Katherine's past and how Klaus wanted her blood but was too late when she became a vampire. It seems strange to learn so many mysteries but his show is always my favorite one. =) XD =P?


Oh my god this show is so good


super i enjoyed watching vampire diaries...


im sad about it, and i dont know exactly why, but my interest for the show has decreased a lot since the masquarade-episode.. I think that the original vampires and elaiza aren't a good idea for the show.. i liked it more when it focused on katherine and her demise! I would like it to be like it was on the first 7 episodes of season 2... these last two weeks , have been kind of boring for me!! and the worst part is that i know, that the rest of the season will rely so much on these original vampires.. just hope that it will inmprove week-by-week!!


love the show and the characters lets not forget all the great people who bring those characters to life. i would love to meet everyone one day but only time will tell. thank you all for allyour great work and long hard hours that you all put into your jobs. may god bless, watch over and keep you all safe and in good health. where can i send my stories that i've comeup with for the show but not as a script?
thanks again
sandra repko-real name
aka serena hunt-my author's name


Y would Damon confess his love for elena in one episode and sleep with rose in the next?.............not nice.


STEFAN!!!! STEFAN I LOVE U.♥ ehehe...ü


i do not like this new guy they are introducing for bonnie


I'm way out of the target demographic but I just love good drama, a dose of the supernatural, and basking in teen angst--I haven't forgotten those years LOL


OMG I love the vampire diaries so much ! I watched the first. Episode and was hooked. I immediately went out an bought the books . Stefan and Damon are so the hottest brothers on TV! Not like Dean and Sam were just one brother's hot ( Dean ) .

The Vampire Diaries Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

Damon: She's in denial.
Stefan: Shut up, Damon.

Elena: The oldest vampire in the history of time is coming after me?
Damon: We're looking at a solid... maybe.

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You always get what you want You Always Get What You Want Atomic Tom iTunes
Precious stone Precious Stone Pete Yorn iTunes
Amen omen Amen Omen Ben Harper iTunes