Vampire Diaries Poll: Weigh In On "Katerina"

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A look into Katherine's past. A new love interest for Bonnie. An alliance between Damon and Rose.

This week's episode of The Vampire Diaries gave viewers plenty of twists and turns to analyze and discuss, as many fans are already doing in our show forum.

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We'll meet you there shortly, soon after we finish the latest recap and review, both of which will go live first thing Friday morning. We hope you return to read through those tomorrow and also encourage readers to chime in below:

What did you think of "Katerina?"

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She is a wild one!


Nobody wondering who's the fazther of Kats baby? Perhaps it's Klaus ! :o


Loved this episode. I really like how we get to see more of Katherine, at the end of the day she used to be a human and felt everything Elena is feeling right now. She's just been a vampire for so long that it's hard for her to remember it. The only thing I disliked about this episode was Luke, I mean, isn't Bonnie at least a bit suspicious that a new family of witches suddenly moves there for a little R&R?


Towards the end of the episode we saw Katherine looking at her family portrait and reminiscing lovingly about her family... do you think she's beginning to second-guess her decision about handing Elena over to Klaus? Maybe by being reminded of the significance of having blood relations she's coming to see the importance of bloodline and family. She has this pondering look after staring at the picture - is it possible that she might end up wanting to protect Elena against Klaus after that? And possible doing that out of her love for Stefan too? Btw, Kat wasn't quite the lady expected of women back in the day, eh... She not only had a baby out of wedlock, but she was also entangled with Trevor while in a kind of a relationship with Klaus. It's no wonder she enjoyed her ménage à trois with the Salvatores. LOL.


I totally agree with you but at the same time I do still like Damon and will continue to watch the show cause I'm loving bonnie and jeremy
An eveyone check episode 10 promo
Sucks it only returns dec second though


Ok everyone knows that Kevin and Julie love Damon. But this is getting too much. Please Julie and Kevin do yourselves a favor and just change the name of the show to the DAMON SHOW. Enterainment weekly has it bang on Stefa(Paul) is completely UNAPPRECIATED. Damon is in 90% of the show and Stefan well, probably 40%. Myself and friends have been watching this show since day one and loved it. We kepted hoping ok, things will change there will be a beautiful love story between Elena and Stefan. We've given enough of our time. It just won't happen, every episode you give Damon the better lines and Damon chasing Elena. Time for us to move on. Thanks for the memories.


"Shes a wild one." Crazy biotch she sure is.


where can i watch it online????


omg is luka's dad evil?


Totally saw the Elijah connection at the end coming but I did not predict Luka's dad's involvement. It must suck for vampires that they always need a witch's help. I loved the way the opened the episode with Katerina giving birth. I also found the scenes with her mom and her remembering their death touching but I"m not anymore sympathetic towards her. She was selfish and only looking out for herself from the very beginning, even before she turned. She's a wild one.


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When 9 Russians tell you you're drunk, you lie down.

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