Who Should Play Teddy's Boyfriend on 90210?

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Sorry, Ian. You may be playing a major role in helping Teddy fully accept his homosexuality on 90210, but you won't be ending up in a serious relationship with this character.

According to Michael Ausiello, The CW series is casting for an actor to take on the role of Marco. The former Entertainment Weekly columnist, who launches his own site in 2011, describes this love interest as "hot" and "super-athletic."

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We'll go first: Milo Ventimiglia. Sure, the former Heroes star is 33 years old in real life. But, hey, Trevor Donovan is 32! What do you think?

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Anna maria

kevin zegers looks gay, and he's hot! that would be a good option!


I like Ian. what is the reasoning for bringing on someone else? maybe a hot triangle? say it again Ian is so cute and swweet.


I like Ian, that's sad that they're casting someone else for Teddy :(


@Lapetite66: Adrianna went through a phase. She even said early on this season to Annie "I think every girl should have a lesbian experience". She might be bicurious if that, but it was a phase. Teddy is actually coming out. He said to Ian in the previous episode it's not the first time he has fallen for a guy. The real reason why he left boarding school.


I really liked Teddy with Silver and frankly I'm kind of pissed the writers had to go the gay route with Teddy as he's just about the hottest guy on the show. Besides, didn't we already go through this with Adrianna last season???


I love Gray Damon from the True Blood and Friday Night Lights... Ethan Peck is so Hot from 10 things I hate about you the T.V version. They look too straight to be gay... I want a person who is straight Acting not like Kurt and Blaine in Glee ... you can see the gays coming ...


NO NO NO NO NO! no milo. he's hot and i love him and if he became gay on 90210 i would NEVER see him the same. Same go's for Kevin Zeggers.


I agree with @han! Jason Dohring made a fabulous Logan in Veronica Mars and I think he would be great as Teddy's boyfriend :)


Who cares I just like watching Teddy with with whoever he's yummy yummy screw


Trevor is SEX I want to be his everything.

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