Who Should Play Teddy's Boyfriend on 90210?

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Sorry, Ian. You may be playing a major role in helping Teddy fully accept his homosexuality on 90210, but you won't be ending up in a serious relationship with this character.

According to Michael Ausiello, The CW series is casting for an actor to take on the role of Marco. The former Entertainment Weekly columnist, who launches his own site in 2011, describes this love interest as "hot" and "super-athletic."

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Leave a Comment below and/or head over to our 90210 forum to offer up suggestions for this role.

We'll go first: Milo Ventimiglia. Sure, the former Heroes star is 33 years old in real life. But, hey, Trevor Donovan is 32! What do you think?

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I cannot believe he's 32, they need to case someone mad old to be marco, i want a nadal type

Anna maria

ohh no! poor ian! we don't need another old man like teddy..so I'd vote for someone younger looking than milo..


You should get Chuck Bass. That'll push the ratings up. Or, why not Ryan Atwood? He's about the same age. Fictional characters, yes, but it'd be an interesting storyline.


Maybe Jason Dohring? Loved him in Veronica Mars. And he's taller than Milo.

Whipped by damon

ooh, love Milo, don't think he'll be cast nor do I think Taylor Lautner would have the time...perhaps Kevin Zieger!? :)

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