Alexa Havins to Play Thatcher's Girlfriend on Grey's Anatomy

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Thatcher Grey is getting a new love interest on Grey's Anatomy.

When Meredith and Lexie Grey's father returns in February, he'll be bringing with him a new lady, played by soap opera star Alexa Havins, according to TV Guide.

From 2003-2007, blonde beauty Alexa played the very popular role of Babe Chandler on ABC's All My Children. She's recently been on Cold Case and CSI: Miami.


Both their respective mothers are now deceased, but how will Thatcher's daughters feel about him dating someone new - more specifically, someone so young?

It's safe to say they won't be overjoyed at least at the onset.

Not that it means anything in the Grey's universe, but Havins is 30. Chyler Leigh is only 28, while Ellen Pompeo (who could easily pass for 31) is actually 41!

This isn't the first time Grey's Anatomy has tapped the cast of All My Children. Leven Rambin (Sloane) was also a fixture on the daytime drama for five years.

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She'll be pregnant and so will Mer, but the baby will be stillborn so she will swap him with Mer's...Abc is recicling storylines from AMC


I bet Thatcher's girlfriend is pregnant, and she scare because Thatcher might died, so she tells Meredith. Meredith won't know what to do with the information.


THe MerLex dynamic is neglected. I don't think Mer will be bothered cos Thatch was never a father to her. Lex will be megga put out, but her boyfriend is at least 16years older than her, so she can't say much. But she'll be hurt that her dad is moving on after her mom's death. I think Mark will just see the funny side of the situation. But such an age difference between Thatch and this lass, wow. She must be wanting a father figure boyfriend. Thatch is not a rich, powerful, goodlooking or a famous man. That is generally how older men get a younger girlfriend.


hope we get some hilarious merder scenes out of it....:D

Mumbles cit

I thought susan was too young for him. so this new lady is too way to young for him.


I can see the Lexie whining "He's my dad!" crap that will come with this. Oh the joy...


Well this is certainly going to be's been awhile since we've seen Thatcher.


Seriously? Another SL? I really hope the baby, the house and Derek's research won't take another backseat to this one like it did with Cristina's PTSD.


I love when Thatcher shows up! Cannot wait!


I hate when Thatcher shows up, he causes the lamest most cliched drama on the show

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