Brennan to Become Booth's "Rock" on Bones

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Booth and Brennan. So beloved are these Bones characters that they made our list of favorite TV couples even though they're not a couple. He's even dating someone else!

In our mid-season Bones report card, we talked about how her recent epiphany in "The Doctor in the Photo" may help Brennan turn the corner and pursue her soul mate. 

Before she can be Booth's lover, though, she must be his rock.

Booth, Brennan Embrace

Executive producer Stephen Nathan says that the upcoming story line about a sniper is going to turn Booth's world upside down - and Brennan will be right there with him.

"Booth is forced to confront the life that he led [as a sniper in the Army] when he sees a guy who's pervert what, to Booth, was a noble profession," he says. "The need Booth has to bring this guy to justice is going to hang over us for the rest of the year."

In the meantime, he will look to Temperance for support. "Whatever his relationship with Hannah, Brennan has always been the closest person in his life," Nathan says. "The sniper will affect Booth and Brennan in a very profound way."

Thoughts? Predictions? Opinions? Discuss!

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Mixed feelings here...but my grain of salt is that we're dealing with television, and the screen is home to "heightened reality". We want to watch characters we can relate to, but at the same time we want to relax with them and let their world become our own for the length of each episode…perhaps also in our lingering thoughts and conversations about the show. Some films and shows are meant to get us thinking about our own lives, but largely, I feel like Bones is meant to entertain…while not being entirely foreign to reality. I agree. When you are in a serious relationship with someone, you need to confide in them first. He's dating Hannah. They are living together, there are "I love you’s", she's his priority. Theoretically, she needs to be his rock. This is television, though. I wish television could reflect real life morality and still be seen as compelling. However, writers are always looking for drama—and to keep their fanbase. They’ve established palpable, engaging chemistry between Booth and Brennan. We love it and we miss the fullness of it we’ve seen before, consistently. So, as much as there’s a logic to Hannah needing to be his rock, there’s a logic to Brennan being his rock too—rooted in the “reality� of television. Fans would continue to drop off and the show would become less and less interesting if he only turned to Hannah during this difficult time. Yes, we’d see Bones’ struggle, and that is interesting…but at least for those who love her character, and furthermore those who love the Bones-Booth pairing, it’s not interesting for the right reasons. It’s not what we want. Also, the fact is that professionally, Brennan is Booth’s partner. There may be things he’s not allowed to share with Hannah. And even if he were, Brennan is his partner of five years—and, she is a woman…whom he has a history (and in some ways a present) with. There’s a connection between them that won’t ever go away completely, and that connection lends itself to her supporting him during a professionally trying situation that also tries him personally. In real life, I would take much more issue with someone neglecting their romantic partner for their professional, opposite sex partner during such a time. But, taking the nature of television and the show itself into consideration, I understand what they’re doing, I am not surprised by it, and frankly I look forward to it. There’s a lot to work out with the whole Brennan-Booth-Hannah situation anyways, and this will only make it more interesting.


:NEWS FLASH: It's just a TV show people,that's what the writers want!
End of story!!!


Looking forward to the old chemistry between B&B and less and less of Hannah.


I am looking forward to the rest of the season. It sounds like it ought to be good. That is all.


The writers make the lead characters look bad. Booth isn't able to have an honest relationship with Hannah. In a way he lies or cheats her when "Brennan is his rock". The lead characters use the recurring characters for their own benefit. This was the case with Brennan too when she released her "biological urges" though she told Booth the truth.

The story line of this season has made Booth to look bad too because he's clearly abandoned his old friends ("his family"). Is he now crawling back when the big bad sniper is around? And Brennan is SO in love with him that she is willing to be his rock.

Geez, you could have a vote who's to be nominated the Saint of Bones:
- Hannah the Flawless
- Temperance the Rock


This whole B&B dating other people then turning to each other in times of emotional stress has been played out to many times. I compare Hannah to the two guys Brennan dated at once. Brennan used them for physical/social needs but turns to Booth for her emotional needs. That is what Booth is doing with Hannah. Using her for physical/social needs but not emotional ones. This whole emotional bond between B&B has been strong since S1 so these upcoming episodes isn't going to show us anything new that we haven't seen before.


I hope this is just more spin from the producers. I DON'T want Bones to "be there" for Booth considering the way he's been treating her this season. Forget the stupid romance- he hasn't been a good friend or a respectful partner. I'm sick of the show punishing her for saying no last season. Has Bones become one of those romcoms where the career-oriented woman just needs to realize she needs the love a good man? Bones, don't be a doormat!

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