Candice Accola on Vampire Diaries Character: What's Next for Caroline?

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Caroline Forbes isn't going anywhere.

Unlike Vicki, who was turned into a blood sucker and then quickly dispatched of on The Vampire Diaries, this character has only grown in stature since her transformation.

So, what's next for Caroline? We already know she will continue to get close to Tyler, but Candice Accola goes into even more detail about this relationship in a new interview with EW. Excerpts follow.

Stroll Through the Woods

On Caroline/Tyler post-werewolf transition: The biggest thing to remember is that Caroline has been lying to Tyler. So even though there has been a really wonderful friendship that’s grown, it’s based off of lies to protect him and those around him. He thinks that she’s the only vampire town.

He doesn’t know that werewolves can kill vampires. There are lot of things that she’s kept in the dark from him, and secrets don’t stay secrets in Mystic Falls very long. When that comes out, that’s going to affect their relationship.

On upcoming interaction between Caroline and her mother: You will see Sheriff Forbes, but there’s not a lot of interaction between Caroline and her mom. That is a story line that will need to be told.

Will we be seeing more of Caroline as a badass? Yes, there is more physical stuff. The stunt work has been very fun at work recently. You’ll see Caroline get physical very soon.

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