Catastrophe to Strike a School on Grey's Anatomy

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The Grey's Anatomy 2011 promo that aired at the end of last week's episode left little doubt that when the show returns next month, a major disaster awaits the surgeons.

Just what type of situation are we talking about, though?

"There's a massive situation at a school, so all the training that Owen put into place suddenly makes people much more ready to handle this sort of thing," Kevin McKidd says.

Guess that mock tragedy he simulated may really pay off.

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I think there's a shooting at a school. The chief is saying that "they're going through what we went through 6 months ago".. So, McKidd is revealing disaster at school, the chief is revealing what kind of disaster it is.. So, shooting at a school, that's what it is..


anuflas Mer got told by Hunt 'Congratulations, you're certified now' before he sent Mer to check on Cristina


A brief summary was posted recently. It's confirmed that this episode involves a shooting in a local college.


I'm waiting for a new post by TV Fanatic...You guy's haven't posted anything in a while..come on /: You must have SOMETHING to talk about! ):


think the real greys anatomy ended by season 5...from then its a whole new show....until then, it had everything....troubled people like meridith n alex.....positive people like george, izzie and real career oriented ones like christina....derek, sloan, callie, bailey were there for entertainment....but now......there is no difference bet characters....april, jackson, lexie...they all contribute to same personalities.....nothing can differentiate between them...its got lame....maybe give every character a happy ending and closing the show is a good idea....every trauma they introduce seems forced down our throats....end it...its for good


Well the title of this episode is "Disarm".


School shootings aren't entirely uncommon so I think it would be good for Grey's to do this kind of case. It's a good time to do it as well since they just suffered a shooting of their own so it ties up with their personal struggles. I'm definitely excited to see this episode. I think it'll be portrayed well. After the great portrayal of Charlotte's rape on Private Practice, I have no doubts that they can pull off anything.


I just learned about the culumbine shooting in 1999 in my language arts class. This might be similair to it. It's a shooting at a school. Learning about the story gave me chills but to maybe watch it would blow me away with terror... I can't wait... If anyone has new facts about the school shooting episode... PLEASE let me know!! And please reply or comment to this because I would love to see what everyone has to say!!


If it's really a shooting, it's definitely gonna be what brings the doctors back better than ever! They're gonna have to face their demons and when they do that and they can surpass everything they've been through, they'll be unstoppable. This will be Cristina's moment to come back better than ever as well.


Think shooting ...AND also think it will make all the Dr.'s STRONGER then before and get everybody on the right track again !!!???

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