Desperate Housewives Sneak Preview: Who Shot Paul Young?

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Forget JR. Move over, Mr. Burns.

There's a new murder mystery in primetime and it's based around the following question: Who shot Paul Young?

Indeed, the midseason finale of Desperate Housewives gave us more than just a riot on Wisteria Lane. It gave us a classic whodunnit, as Paul lay dead on the pavement when she show cut to black.

Who is the culprit? As the following video teases, that question starts to get answered on January 2.

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maybe it was Lynett. But i dont think so


How about this: Felicia Tillman returning to the Wane. She had allways wanted to kill Paul and when her dougther turned her back on her she saw a new possibility to kill him when the Halfway-house opened. (It is open for excriminalls mabye she talked her way out of the prison and in to the Halfway-house. If this theory does'nt work I bet it is her doughter.


Carlos, what about Carlos. They almost hurt his little girl. Carlos cares more about his family than anything else, so he may have done it.


I have no idea who it is going to be, it is probably somebody random and they are going to add an additional story line as to why that person had motive. It could be the woman that is secretly in love with Tom, Lynette's best friend. That would be shocking, I doubt it is her but you get my point.


Well I think it could of been anyone. Because Bob & Lee had a gun in their boot of the car when they were about to leave. But then everyone was attacking their car, and Wanita was in the boot, so Gabby smashed it. So anyone could of found it and hidden it, then shot him.?


i think that it cant be beth coz beth was asleep and if it was her than she would of had to of got to the other side of the street before paul so the cross's her out so it has to be someone with a good aim so i think it has to be either bree or mike xx


I feel like whoever did shot him is going to be the biggest copout ever


I think it was definitely his wife Beth. Remember when she promised her mother she'd kill him if the opportunity arose? Plus I don't think they'd keep Beth living alone in the neighborhood, shes pretty shy and it would be a good way to kill her off.


I'm surprised nobody has suggested Bob Hunter! In the episode Lee is seen putting a gun into his bag, making Lee too obvious. I think Bob took the gun and shot Paul for misleading them both and causing Lee so much pain!


I think he was shot by...
Well I have no idea.
But I wish it was his son.I want him back to the show.
Regards from the best place in America:Argentina!♥

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