Fairly Legal Preview: Will You Watch?

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Meet Kate Reed.

She's the latest character to be welcomed to USA, debuting on January 20 at the center of Fairly Legal, a drama based around a lawyer who quits her job to become a mediator.

The light-hearted series stars Sarah Shahi, Baron Vaughn, Michael Trucco and Virginia Williams. TV Fanatic will be covering it in depth and we've posted an official preview below. What do you think? Worth a shot?

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They advertise the show for Jan 11 2011, I think will be a good show with great audience, however people will need to know about the show first.


Loved Sarah Shahi in Life, so I'll give it a try, but I'm not sure about light-hearted lawyers.


I'll definitely be watching it to see what it's all about. I'm a fan of the legal dramas, and USA Network has a way of cranking out hits like nobody's business....I have some serious expectations for this one... ;D and high hopes too!


This sounds very awful


Seems interesting enough. I like how it comes off as very light-hearted. I'll probably end up watching the Pilot just to see how it it goes.


Fairly Legal Quotes

Kate: She's a bit obsessive, our step-mother. Don't you think?
Spencer: That's what Dad loved about her.
Kate: I thought that was her ass.
Spencer: There's that too.

We most definitely have a deal. There is no sex ever. And when we do have sex there is no spending the night.