Summer Show-Down: Renew or Replace?

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Are you getting nervous?

With the excitement of the Fall TV season on the horizon, many fans are wondering about the status of their favorite summer program.

Indeed, with futures are on the lines - both in the business and on the living room sofa - it's time to assess the futures of various shows. Which do you hope to see return next year and which should fade into the sunset?


Franklin & Bash (TNT) The bad boys of summer law just concluded their second season. Will unconventional tactics and frat boy humor earn them a season three?

Common Law (USA) Will these estranged partners find their way back to the therapist's couch next summer? Or is this the end of a difficult partnership?

Fairly Legal Season 2 Scene

Fairly Legal (USA) Kate Reed finally moved on from ex Justin and unwittingly moved in next door to the firm's naughty new partner, Ben. Will there be love... and a third season in Kate's future?

Alphas (SyFy) Will the Alphas continue to protect the universe from wayward alphas in 2013?

Warehouse 13 (SyFy) Can we expect a fifth season of the Secret Service team neutralizing supernatural artifacts? Or will it follow Eureka into SyFy history?

Necessary Roughness (USA) Dr. Dani's got her hands full with a pill-popping star patient and a complicated love life. Will treatment include more episodes?

The LA Complex (CW) L.A. is a tough town to break into and The L.A. Complex hasn't had an easy go of it in the ratings. Is there any hope of a call back?

Political Animals (USA) Will Elaine successfully run for office? Will her family survive? And will this "limited series" return for a second summer run?

Saving Hope has already been renewed in Canada for season two. Will NBC pick up the option to show it here in the states despite shaky ratings?

Which show is your top pick to return next year?

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Common Law is airing on AXN Asia this year and I recently found out that this show is cancelled because of low ratings. Give it a chance please. You'll never know this show might get more audience and be successful in the 2nd Season. PLEASE! Go for COMMON LAW!!! :)




Please bring back "Fairly Legal"


Comedy gold in Common Law or Sebastian Stan in Political Animals? I simply can't choose. They both deserve second seasons!


people forget that we live in the age of video streaming and on demand most people watch there shows on the web now days they really need to start counting that too


PLEASE RENEW Common Law!! Great Summer Series, New to USA Network! Think this show could really boost more fans.


Please renew Alphas. It is the best show ever that Syfy has produced.
It is innovative, the characters are so worth watching. Alphas does
such a great job of combining action, drama and comedy- totally addicting!


Common Law Please!!Please!!It's awesome!!I Believe Our efforts can make a difference!So don't let us down!Please!Please!


common law!!!!!!common law!!came law!came everybody like it.we do love this couple

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