Glee to Graduate, Replace Cast Members?

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Be extra sure to get your fill of Finn, Rachel and company every week, Glee fans. Because these characters won't be around forever.

In an interview with Australia's Herald Sun, creator Ryan Murphy said the show might look different in a couple years. That's because students will graduate, and actors/actresses will age.

"There's nothing more depressing than a high schooler with a bald spot," Murphy joked.

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Saying he cast Chord Overstreet as Sam Evans to kick start this process, Murphy said that "every year we’re going to populate a new group" in anticipation of characters moving on.

"I think you have to be true to the fact that here is a group of people who come and go in these teachers' lives - they graduate and they're gone," Murphy said." When some of them finish their run at high school it will be very teary episodes. For me it will be particularly tough but a new crop [of actors] will come in."

That's already been the case with Overstreet, Darren Criss and Charice (who will return for the show's Super Bowl episode), most of whom fans seem to have welcomed with open arms.

But this is clearly significant news for the show. Will you keep watching once all the original cast members are gone? Discuss that issue now in our Glee forum.

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I think it's good Ryan Murphy is trying to incorporate new characters and avoid what Beverly Hills 90210 did by keeping the characters young while the cast members age more and more. What would be a good idea is pull a One Tree Hill and flash forward a few years with certain characters as teachers or counselors at McKinley, others married to them, possibly Will and/or Emma has a kid. This would allow characters like Rachel, Artie, Finn, etc. to be at the school, as well as new, younger characters playing students. For example, Rachel could become a new theater teacher and co-moderator for glee club with Will; Finn could be a PE teacher and football coach, while butting heads with Sue. Artie could be a school counselor with Emma. All of these have potential to give original cast members AND new students storylines and screen time.


we all know that the day is coming when all of the original cast is gone, and we know that one of the biggest hits in the gut that the show will get is the loss of Rachel (there is no denying that her solos give chills and are breath taking). But I do really feel that Ryan Murphy is moving in the right direction by keeping the show realistic. and there is no denying that the two new characters (Sam & Sunshine) are definitely a good start to the new cast, and we can all agree that he is doing well by not trying to thrust the story at those two characters immediately and gradually working them in. I feel that the loss of the original cast will be a big hit, but I feel that the show will be able to keep on going without them


duh, I can't believe my fellow gleeks didn't see this coming. eventually, u either graduate or quit high school. But I think Kurt could pass for a couple of more years. Chris Colfer is very young looking. And hopefully the original cast would come and visit McKinley from time to time. Having said this, I will REALLY miss the original cast.


I won't watch without the original cast. I can tell you that right now. It will suck without the original cast. I love Sam Evans. He's so adorable, I'm like in love with him ;), but I hope they cast people as great as him if they do continue after the others graduate. :)


We'll see about that when it's come.. as long as that irritating "Charice" not a regular, I will still watch it.




oh noo!!!! yeah it is inevitable that they'll graduate.. but for me it wouldn't be the same w/o the original cast..


@elly... i think that would be a good idea except that its been said that their all in the same grade.. so they kinda all have to leave at the same time unless they held people back... finn could definitely be held back lol


Prediction: Cory Monteith will be the first Glee alumni to direct episodes of the series. How about a spin-off --Finn and Rachel in Arts School together, creating a "glee" club in an underprivileged area...


They did it successful in the UK with Skins. Of course there are people who will always moan about missing the first gen cast but there are an equal number of people who grow to love the second gen cast. Some even more than the first. While I love the original cast I would hate to see Glee go through really contrived plot lines to keep them around forever. Not to mention, if you go back and watch the very first episode Mr. Schue is marketed as the main character, not Rachel and Finn. Anyway, Ryan Murphy and his team definitely have a knack for finding amazing and fresh talent for the show so even though I'll miss the original members (who could always come back for cameos) I've no doubt I'd find the new characters relatable and loveable too.

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