Glee to Graduate, Replace Cast Members?

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Be extra sure to get your fill of Finn, Rachel and company every week, Glee fans. Because these characters won't be around forever.

In an interview with Australia's Herald Sun, creator Ryan Murphy said the show might look different in a couple years. That's because students will graduate, and actors/actresses will age.

"There's nothing more depressing than a high schooler with a bald spot," Murphy joked.

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Saying he cast Chord Overstreet as Sam Evans to kick start this process, Murphy said that "every year we’re going to populate a new group" in anticipation of characters moving on.

"I think you have to be true to the fact that here is a group of people who come and go in these teachers' lives - they graduate and they're gone," Murphy said." When some of them finish their run at high school it will be very teary episodes. For me it will be particularly tough but a new crop [of actors] will come in."

That's already been the case with Overstreet, Darren Criss and Charice (who will return for the show's Super Bowl episode), most of whom fans seem to have welcomed with open arms.

But this is clearly significant news for the show. Will you keep watching once all the original cast members are gone? Discuss that issue now in our Glee forum.

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OMG!!! A GLEE MOVIE???!! Seriously??? I would LOVE THAT! Can't wait. Bring it on!!!


i think it is a reasonable idea but to do it gradually, say at the end of season 2 have maybe the older looking ones like finn, puck, mercedes and santana leave then introduce 4 new characters, end of season 3,artie,rachel,mike, brittany etc. end of season 4 kurt, tina, sam ... that way we have a few of the old cast there while we adjust to the new cast


Will Charice become a regular? She's an international pop star and has got concerts, tours, albums to produce.. Maybe as a guest star but unless she wants to expand her career in US she most probably won't do it.


Nooooooooo! What will I do without Finn dancing??? :( Not happy!


I think that replacing characters makes sense... in theory. but can you really imagine glee without rachel, or finn, or kurt? yes, chord overstreet has been a nice additon, but the reason his transition in has been so smooth is because we still had the core characters we know and love to fall back on during the adjustment period. i just don't think it will be as special or loveable without the characters we have been rooting for since the beginning. And there are always ways to extend the years of high school (see Dawson's Creek or One Tree Hill, which both had the characters in 10th grade in the first season and still managed to have 4 years of high school). I'm not saying the logic of it doesn't make sense, just that it will be hard to get the same feeling of glee with replacements. It's difficult (if not impossible) to recreate something that seems so special. Which is why people have a hard time letting go of their "glory days".


I don't trust anything Ryan Murphy says. He always changes his mind. Btw, they are all contracted for a Glee movie as well.

Reese williams

in season 1, they were sophomores, season 2 they are juniors obviously and yes, when in season 3 they get the senior year, they WILL HAVE to graduate... otherwise it will make no. sense. unless the fail all the glee club and they have to school it up another year, of course they are gonna graduate.
it sounds like he's made Sam a sophomore so he's at least gonna be there in season 4....(hope not) maybe even Charice might too. Either way, people shouldnt be shocked they have to leave sometime if they want Glee to last more than 3 seasons....


I seriously don't think the show will continue once the main characters are gone! People will miss the core strength actresses like Lea. Like it or not, they make the characters that everyone tunes in to see! But a spin off could be made... not a Glee club in a university because like another poster put it, for everyone in Glee to end up at the same university is not realistic! BUT, I have a great idea for a spin off that could keep the original cast together along with the popularity of another good show & it could support the continuance of the existing show with cross appearances! You need to hire me as one of your writers Ryan M! LOL


You guys all suck. The fact that most of you are saying if Lea and Cory and so on leave so will you, says a lot. It says that you are not, in any way, fans of the the show. I understand Ryan Murphy's decision and respect it and I trust that he knows what he's doing and will bring us more lovable and memorable characters in the future, when the old cast leaves. That's what true Gleek should say.


If this is the direction he wants to go, some Freshmen better be joining New Directions yesterday, bc it will be even less realistic if all of a sudden everyone's gone and low and behold, a whole new crop of singers... That being said, they could definitely take it to college as another direction...Boy Meets World anyone? Sue Sylvester as the new Mr. Feeny...Following them everywhere

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