Gossip Girl: A Lock For Renewal?

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Is Gossip Girl all but guaranteed a fifth season?

The notoriously low-rated show we love was nevertheless #1 among females 18-34 last week, a very important demographic to advertisers because ... well, think about it.

No word has come from the CW just yet, but with that key stat and the devotion of the fan base Gossip Girl has, all signs look promising for a fifth season in 2011-12!

Best Sleepover Ever

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I love the show and wish it could og on forever, but definatly think it wud b for the best if they end it after this season or the next 1. ppl keep sayin "i hope it runs as long as one tree hill did", but one tree hill has gone downhill by all standards, nd i dnt want ppl to tune into GG at lik season 8 nd b lik "how did it make it this far"!! im glad to knw that they hav an endgame in mind, but i think some shows are better to end before they get old. ill watch it till the end, but even now ppl are complainin that evry1 has slept with evry1, and they cant just hav a new villain evry season (cough desperate housewives) cos then they sorta end abrupbtly in the finale. Love how evrything with Ben and Juliet finishd ties from season 1 tho! its great when things come round full circle (and even creating really interestin boarding skul plot that the books didnt even use)!!

Ms mystic falls

I had to admit, the 4th season didn't get me as hooked as the first 3. But then I am a loyal Gossip Girl fan. Point is, I'd like another season with them. Please writers, work out a good boiling story.


I disagree with you, Priyam; Chuck would be Nate's best man. ;-)

Jennmo13 gg 3

THIS MADE MY DAY! yay! haha this show is the best show ever! my favorite :) i hope they make it as far as onetree hill


I totally agree with the online hits comment!
I definitely think Gossip Girl is the number 1 show viewed online. I swear every week on iTunes and on sidereel it's number 1 or 2.
I think GG needs a season 5 for kind of the wrapping up of the season.
Even though this season has seen the lowest ratings out of all gossip girl seasons, this season has really great quality and ratings were up last week! GO GOSSIP GIRL!!


I think there's gonna be a 5th season. They can't end it before college is over, cause it would be just lame. And a season is always one year, cause a season has always ended to summer so there's definitly going to be at least still that one year to go :) BUT I SO HOPE THERE'S GONNA BE EVEN A 10TH SEASON!! I LOOOOVE THIS SHOW!!!


Of course will have a 5th season, but i think that'll be the last one :)


Just please, keep doing the good work we been seeing this season in the next !


I think they'll make it to a 5th season but they need to find more angles to improve the story lines of the show. The whole Juliet story is good but aside from that, everything seems to be a cycle. It's good but they need to show more diversity.


If shows like One tree Hill and Beverly Hills 90210 can last 8-10 seasons, then GG can definitely do better! possibly till some weddings! :D although it wud be weird for Dan and serena to get married considering they are step siblings. It wud be weirder if Nat and serena get married coz Dan wud be the best man who slept with the bride!


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