Gossip Girl Caption Contest 136

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Welcome to the 136th Gossip Girl Caption Contest at TV Fanatic!

Your Caption Contest winner is DamonElena♥FTW. Nice job!

We don't normally go that route, but we do love The Vampire Diaries. This week's honorable mentions go out to Kara24, Scarlett 79 and Firework.

Thanks to all for playing and best of luck again next week!

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Chuck: ... and so, like I promised you, here's your vervain necklace. I had it hand crafted by that witch... Donnie is it?
Eva: Bonnie, Chuck.. It's Bonnie.

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-Did you bring the condoms?
-No.. But I have cookies, Bass's cookies ;)


Chuck: So, here are those tampons you wanted me to get for you...


It saddens me to see that some people actually take time from their lives to gratuitously and cowardly (since they are facing a computer screen and not an actual person) offend each other via a TV show's website. Please, spare the rest of us... :(


Chuck : Let's face it Eva, you're Euro-trash, so what better gift to give you than an European trash bag? Can you get it? It's inside the Cartier bag.


@Sidewinder, why thank you :) my first ever post on one of these sites :)


@Kara24, I'm amazed ;]


Chuck: Dobby gave this to me. It will bring you back to the Weasley's. You're late for your wedding.
Eva: ..a portkey? How did you know?
Chuck: I'm Chuck Bass.


eva: is that a necklace in the bag or are you just happy to see me?


Eva: aww Chuck did you buy me something you shouldnt have... whatever did i do to deserve such an adorable boyfriend your amazing
Chuck: Eva i appreaciate the fact that you think i am amazing though i'm afraid the contents of this bag are not for you.
Eva: oh i'm confused what?
Chuck: what is there to be confused about i told you i needed cuff links to match my new watch, i figured what better place to get them from than where i got the watch from... Cartier... still confused?


Chuck: If you could just grab this blow up doll and maybe put your finger here...

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